Monday, May 2, 2016

The Good Stuff


Hi Everyone,

I have decided I needed something a little bit more positive on here to balance out the last blog post. I'm still feeling very much the same, but I am trying to focus on "the good stuff". My favourite kinds of moments, my favourite kinds of people and things that I find beautiful. These are some of the things that make me a little bit more enthusiastic about life. There are so many more things that could be added to this list, but for me at the moment these are the main ones. 

  • I love it when people start out all dressed up, but because they are having so much fun, they get a little disheveled. I think people look more beautiful at the end of the night when a couple of strands of hair have come loose from their up-do and their make-up gets a little shiny. I was thinking this the other night when I was watching Jimmy Fallon dancing to Styx. He was shaking his head and his styled hair was getting a little messed up. 
  • I like those moments that remind you just how big and expansive the universe is. As a small town girl I often forget that the world is a much bigger place than I think it is. When I am reminded of this fact, my problems don't seem so big anymore. Also, the opinions of small-town people aren't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. 
  • As a person who often feels misunderstood, moments of understanding are golden. Even if it is over trivial stuff, I love the feeling that someone else just gets it. I love this aspect of music too. Certain lyrics depict the way I feel better than I could articulate it myself.
  • The best people are the people you can ponder the universe with. I love theories and quotes and metaphors. I like having in-depth discussions and I enjoy talking to people who can show me how to see things from their perspective (without being condescending about it of course).
  • One of the best feelings is when something inspires you to do better in life. It could be a touching movie that made me want to do a good deed. It could be a new CD I got that inspired me to express myself artistically. Or, it could be a person I know that inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. 
  • Small adventures are my favourite kind of adventures. I don't really get that wanderlust thing, but I like the kinds of adventures that you can have pretty much any day of the week. I like going for a walk or a drive. I live in a beautiful place and I try to appreciate it as much as I can.
  • I like to make plans on the condition that the plan actually goes ahead. I love it when I can get excited about an event. I love having something to look forward. I try not to let my expectations get too crazy though because I have been let down plenty of times in the past. Plans make me feel hopeful and give me something good to think about.

  • Those rare moments where you forget to think or care are so good. I usually feel this way when I'm mucking around, singing or dancing. 
  • It is a great feeling when all of your hard work pays off and you can say that you have achieved something. I love it when I finish an artwork, that I am at least 90% happy with. 
  • I love the feeling of absolute comfort. Isn't it great when you can slip into your pajamas, sit down for a good movie and enjoy a nice glass of wine? I do like going out, but sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing at home. I also love comfortable clothes that are suited to just about anything. A casual day dress for example. 
  • Call me vain, but I love the feeling you get when your hair looks how you want it to look. I recently changed hair dressers and I am really happy with that decision. 
  • I love it when someone can restore my faith in the idea that there is still good in the world. I've been pretty down on the idea of humanity and where we are all headed for a while now. I haven't exactly had the best luck with anything people related either. So when someone can surprise me by doing something positive it really uplifts my mood.  
  • If it weren't for comedy I would probably feel a lot worse. I love to laugh. I think a lot of people would be better off if they watched some comedy every once in a while. 
So there you have it.

I'm trying not to let everything get to me. I'm trying to replace all of the negatives with positive things...

What things would be on your "Good Stuff"  list?

Your Favourite Blogger,

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Absolutely wonderful list and approach to life. Hand on my heart, I wake up every single morning of my life, no matter how I'm feeling or what's weighing on my mind, and make a conscious decision to embrace happiness and positivity in my world. I believe that doing so has been staggeringly important and beneficial to me on so many levels, very much including my ability to remain positive in the face of life with multiple chronic illnesses. I super commend you for embracing positivity and taking the time to celebrate some of the things that bringing you joy at the moment. Way to go, sweet dear!!!

Here's to a joyful month of May!
♥ Jessica