Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review: Revolution by Jennifer donnelly

Genre:Young Adult, Historical/Contemporary Fiction
Release Date: 2010
RRP: $15.99
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Received  from publisher
Andi lives in New York and is dealing with the emotional turmoil of her younger brother's accidental death. Alex lives in Paris and is a maid to the royal family as the French Revolution rages. They're both struggling with their responsibilities and their places in the world. When Andi is sent to Paris to get her out of the trouble she's so easily enveloped by in New York, their two stories collide, and Andi finds a way to reconcile herself not only to her past but also to her future.
A wonderful and evocative portrait of lives torn apart by grief and mended by love.

 'Revolution' was a fantastic novel that will interest some more than others. I was interested in this book because I had heard it was about the french revolution (since I had seen the film 'Marie Antoinette' way too many times). This book was a lot grittier and historical than I can imagined and i loved it, but I can definitely tell that some people won't

No it was not your typical reincarnation/immortality love story. This book was about a girl who believed her self flawed and at fault because of something that happened to her brother. This story was about someone who was aching from loss rather than someone falling in love. I know this sounds funny coming from someone who agrees that paranormal romance isn't a bad thing, but sometimes we need to read something a bit deeper, a bit different. That is exactly what 'Revolution' was for me.

I enjoyed the parallels drawn between the two characters in the book. The moral of the story? You never know what will happen. You can't blame yourself for not preparing for things that you didn't know would happen.

I really enjoyed the historical aspect of this novel. It was like a history lesson only interesting. I learnt so much more about the french revolution and other things of that time period. The great thing about was that some of the things revealed about the revolution - things that were discovered in the present time part - in the novel were actually true. This made the novel feel more real and therefore made it more exciting.

There was a lot of stuff about music in this novel that I didn't really understand. This is coming from a person who knows a little bit about music too. So, i don't know how this novel would go with someone who doesn't know anything about music.

The novel was a long slow read. history buffs and A+ Music students will probably love it. Overall I gave it 4 Stars. It was a little too informative I think and could have been shortened a bit. I did enjoy it, but all that music knowledge plus the stuff about the revolution was a little bit of an overkill.
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Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, I love this book so much! So very, very much! I thought that Andi's growth as a person was astounding and there were moments when her grief was so palpable it was staggering. So glad you enjoying this one too!