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Vampire Kisses 1: The Beginning by Ellen Schreiber (Review)

THE DETAILS:Pages: 196
Released: 2010
Genre: Teenage, Fantasy
Publisher, Pier 9, Murdoch books
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The mansion on top of Benson Hill has stood empty for years. But one day it seems to be occupied, and its mysterious, handsome inhabitant Alexander Sterling becomes the source of much talk around town.
Raven, a vampire-obsessed Goth-girl who has always considered herself an outsider in "Dullsville," is determined to uncover the truth surrounding the secretive Alexander. As she gets to know him, and their spark intensifies, Raven finds herself in some unanticipated situations. Can Alexander make her lifelong dream come true? But love always has its complications-especially when it can only be awakened at nightfall.
There were two things that attracted me to this series:
 1. The books were on a deal where you could buy two fot $10
2. The covers had a beautiful gothic vibe going on.
This book may have been short and sweet, but it was definitely entertaining.

I thought the main character was great. She was very sarcastic, she made nick names for everything and she was a bit of a goth. She was the sort of gutsy character that nost girls wish they could identify with. She didn't care what other people thought of what she wore and she was always sticking up for her friend. She also had the perfect name for a goth 'Raven'.

There was a bit of a social commentary in this novel about people who are different and how they are treated. I know that many girls will identify with Raven and how she is treated in 'The Beginning'. Bullies, rumours, you name it Raven dealt with it...

I didn't feel that this book was particularly intelligent, but it was smart how the reader used nick-names for places. That way she didn't need to do a whole heap of research or write heaps of details about the place for the reader to get bogged down in. It was a short novel that got straight to the point.

The ending of this story was a bit of a cliff hanger I guess, But there are plenty of books in this series for me to find out what happens next...

Overall I give this book 4/5 stars. It is great for someone who doesn't normally like reading or who is stuck in a reading rut. 'The begining' may have been a small novel, but it was just as entertaining as any other. Many teenagers will be able to identify with Raven regardless of their sub-culture. I can't wait to see what happens next.


1.The Beginning
2.Kissing Coffins
4.Dance with a Vampire
5.The Coffin Club
6.Royal Blood
7.Love Bites
8.Cryptic Cravings
9.Immortal Hearts

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