Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Last Minute Easter Shopping Guide: What to do When All of the Chocolate Has Sold Out!


Anyone who has worked in retail (specifically a store that sells chocolate) during Easter will know that it's a silly move to leave Easter egg shopping to the last minute. However, I'm sure we have all had that one seasonal occasion that was forgotten about only to be remembered the day before the stores close. Today I decided to write this post to help out these few forgetful unfortunates (trust me, I'm not dissing here, I often fit into this group) and to also remind everyone, that once upon a time, Easter was not all about chocolate and that there are alternative gift ideas (especially if you know someone that can't eat chocolate).

-baked goods (donuts, biscuits, cakes)
-other candy (take note of this Chronically Vintage post and toss a stick of lifesavers in an Easter basket)

-Nail polish (you could get candy colours...)
- Super cute lip balms or glosses (ones in vintage style tins or a cupcake style tub.
-Scented hand lotion (I try to go with a natural one if the person has sensitive skin).
-bath bombs or cute shaped soaps

-Sweet scented candle
-Bunny mug
-Nice hand towels

-A Simple Scarf
-A pair of costume earrings
-A pretty hair accessory
-Fluffy socks or slippers might be handy for the coming winter if you live down under.

-A small plush toy
-A Cheap doll or figurine
-A bouncy ball making kit
-Toy cars

-A casual hat or cap
-A stubby cooler
-A car air freshener
-A nice body wash, body spray or shampoo/conditioner

If you usually spend a fair bit on Easter, you could buy more than one of the above items or you could buy one of these things:
-A Book
-A Movie
-A Nice Toy
-A Video Game

easter baby

Pretty much anything that is Candy coloured, sweetly scented or just downright adorable would be a good Easter gift.

I hope you all enjoyed the post and that it was helpful. I spent so much money on chocolate last year that I thought I was better off buying things that people could keep because we don't really need all that chocolate anyways..

Your Favourite Blogger,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Picture Post: Vintage Warmth

Hi all,
It is currently raining pretty heavily here. I am experiencing a category one cyclone which I am used to, but there seems to be a lot more rain this time. I have been meaning to review a book I read about four days ago, but I just can't seem to think and especially not now with all this rain being so loud. I figured a picture post would be a nice way to keep my blog current without having to use my brain too much. I hope you all enjoy it.

I have decided to include a lot of vintage pics in warm tones and a little bit of writing about each picture.

I've seen so many pictures of Marilyn, but I really like this one because she  doesn't seem to be posing and she is glowing. I know she is wearing make-up and jewellery, but I just think this picture is so much more natural than some of the others I have seen. It's an in-the-moment kind of picture.

In case you didn't already know, I am a bit of a Plath fan. And, there just never seems to be any pictures of her except for the main ones (like the one at the typewriter or the one at the beach) so I get a bit excited when I come across a new one I haven't seen before. How nice does she look with that wavy hair style pulled back in that polka-dot head scarf? 

I am a sucker for vintage make-up ads. I am also really keen on this purple/magenta, red, green, gold and bronze colour combo. Pictures like this are really inspiring when I am struggling to choose a colour palette for my paintings and drawings.

I just adore this picture. Such a warm and cosy looking kitchen and one very classy looking lady. I want her coat!

I just adore 1950s gloves. All kinds. However, most vintage ones only come in Size 7 or smaller and I need an 8 at least. Does anyone know where I could get some nice repro ones?

I hope this post added some warmth to your day (or night) and that you found these pics to be as inspiring and beautiful as I did :)

Your Favourite Blogger,

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Haul: Nail Stamping and Records!

Hey Guys,
It has been a little while since doing an update/haul. I think this is becoming like a monthly event now? Anyway... this week I got some awesome stuff and I decided I want to show you guys. I got a few books, some awesome nail stamping image plates, nail polish, records and art supplies. I did get a few other bits and pieces but as usual I am saving those for reviews or keeping them as a surprise for outfit posts etc.

I finally decided to start looking at Netgalley's again. I felt bad for just leaving my account alone and not using it. I also find that Kindle books help me to reach my reading goal, because I can just let it read to me (out loud in that auto-robotic voice) while I do other stuff like ironing or sketching. 

Just some non-fiction stuff. I feel like you can never have enough books about crafting, nail art or vintage fashion.

I got some Nail art stamping plates from Chocolate Vanity Nails on Etsy and some nail polishes. I got the Cartoon plates and the Harry Potter ones. I really like the designs and the ones I have tried out so far work well with the sponge and polishes I have been using. I hope that they make some more designs in the future as I think these plates are actually pretty good quality. 

Also, I now have two nail racks and my polishes don't all fit... So I'm vowing to only buy new polishes for stamping and that's it. I'm thinking maybe silver and white? What colours would you recommend. The supermarket had mny and Nicole by OPI on sale. 

^Here are mum's Tweety bird nails I did with the cartoon stamping plate.

^Here is the Harry Potter mani I gave myself. It's a little messy because of the glitter. 

I got mainly eighties stuff. I really wanted to get the INXS one because I already have the CD 'Kick' and I think this one should have most of the other songs I want. I got the Andrews Sisters one off of Ebay mainly because I know some of the songs from dance class. 

I just got some more Copic markers, some acrylic paints, Progresso pencils (to try out and I have since ordered a larger set) and a draw&wash pad which is awesome for my coffee artworks. I was going to post some artwork up, but I don't have time to watermark it now so it will have to wait till next haul. I get these from Cavalier art which is an awesome supplier in Australia.

How have you all been? Did you get anything exciting in the mail  lately?

Your Favourite Blogger,

P.S. Google Friend Connect still hates me.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Updated Review/Swatches: LimeCrime Lipsticks

I've been looking at my LimeCrime collection lately and thinking that I would like to talk a little more about this product as I have noticed a few more things since my earlier review which was one of my first beauty reviews. I also wanted to do a swatch of the new additions to my collection so I thought I would include the other shades so that you can compare. 

A bit of a disclaimer: I tried to get these to look as close to what they do in real life in the photos by using flash and no-flash, but I didn't have the best lighting so I apologise. I have tried to describe the colour the best I can underneath and call out inconsistencies in the photos. I also noticed that this isn't the neatest application. This is because these lip colours can stain and because applying colours and then wiping them off can get messy!

I do love the light purple coloured plastic and the holographic unicorns, however the only indication of colour is the writing on the bottom of the tube, so I tend to find this a bit frustrating in the morning when I am trying to get ready in a hurry and I have to pick up each individual colour and read the bottom to find the one I am after. So as much as I love the packaging the fact that there is no colour sticker on the top or indicator of colour anywhere on the outside (except the bottom of the tube) means that the there isn't a real incentive to buy more colours if it means you are going to have difficulty finding the one you want in the morning. A suggestion for Doe Deere: maybe put some coloured roses or something around the unicorn in a co-relating colour?

The packaging is so-far pretty sturdy as is the lipstick inside. I am a pretty clumsy person and I haven't cracked a lid or broken a lipstick yet. I think pretty highly of what I have tried by this brand and love the colours and packaging of this product. It enables me to please my inner child and feel real classy and adult at the same time.

^Here is a picture of swatches without flash. Top to bottom: Poisonberry, Glamour101, Retrofuturist, Centrifuschia and Cosmopop.

 ^Here is a picture of swatches with flash. Top to bottom: Poisonberry, Glamour101, Retrofuturist, Centrifuschia and Cosmopop.

These colours go on very creamy and become opaque with two swipes. they do apply very smoothly and layers are not obvious. Cosmopop and Poisonberry are a slightly different consistency to the others so they are a little unforgiving compared to the others. Those two colours are a little more streaky and can cake if you apply too much.

Like I said in my first review, they don't last through a large meal especially if it involves ice cream, chocolate or some kind of greasy food. They do stay on through most drinks though and quick snacks. Both Poisonberry and Cosmopop tend to come off a little more quickly than the others. These lipsticks can leave a bit of a stain if worn all day. Most of the colours do appear quite creamy/glossy to begin with but they do dry out a little over the course of wear. Colours also bleed a little over the course of wear and look good with a nude lip pencil.

^This is taken with flash after I rubbed the colours off. As you can see they leave a stain.

^Here is Cosmopop. Picture taken with flash. 

^Here is Cosmopop. Picture taken without flash.

This is a pastel orange/peach. I think this colour has a sixties "nude lip" look. This colour doesn't last as long as the others or apply as easily and for that reason I don't wear it much. I also find that the colour is a bit pale. I have fairly pale skin and the colour only just looks dark enough for me too wear, so if you are not very daring and have tan/dark skin I would probably give it a miss.

^Here is Centrifuschia. Photo taken with flash.

^Here is Centrifuschia. Picture taken without.

The photo with flash is a more accurate representation of what this looks like in real life. The colour is a very bright purple-pink. It's kind of a medium tone lip colour. If you have really blue undertones in your skin this might make you look a little washed out. I have fairly sallow looking skin and this one seems to look okay on me.

^This is Retrofuturist. Picture taken with flash. 

^Retrofuturist without flash.

RETROFUTURIST: (sorry the pics are so messy!)
I LOVE this colour. It is a pinkish-red and it is quite a light red. I like this colour for a classy retro red.

^This is Glamour101. Taken with flash.

^This is Glamour101. Taken without flash.

This is a maroon/brick red with a hint of brown. I love this for a vintage daytime look. It's such a classic colour. This colour wears really well.

^Here is Poisonberry. This picture was taken with flash.

^This is Posinberry. Picture taken without flash.

This colour is a very dark purple with bluish tones. I suggest looking up swatches on google, because these didn't really photograph accurately. This colour can be a little difficult to apply as it is a bit more sheer than the rest and it can go a little streaky if you put on a few coats. It also comes off more quickly. I think this colour is great for people with dark skin tones. On me this colour is a little outrageous and probably not a colour that is suitable for the office. 

I have bought these from ModCloth, the LimeCrime website and the Crush Cosmetics websites before. There are plenty of other sites where you can get these, but just make sure you are getting the legit thing as there are counterfeit versions out there.

Overall, I absolutely adore these. I think these lipsticks are pretty good quality and the range of colours is unbelievable (seriously, if you want a  green lipstick they have it). These lipsticks are pretty long-lasting for how creamy they are and they are not drying like most lipsticks, which is perfect if you have dry lips. I would definitely recommend these to a friend.

Your Favourite Blogger,

P.S. Please note that I am also having issues with Google friend connect. I have been meaning to follow a few of you guys, but everytime i try to sign on there is an error. Will keep trying...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No. I do not speak french.


I haven't seen a whole heap of french movies, but what I have seen ranks pretty highly in my collection. I only own like two albums in french. It's not much, but it's enough to make me seem weird if I ever bring it up. I'm not trying to sound sophisticated either. I don't speak french. 

I stumbled upon french movies and french music accidentally. One morning before my afternoon shift at the department store I decided to pull out this movie I bought and watch it. It was called 'La Vie En Rose' and all I knew was that it had won some awards and that it was starring the famous Marion Cotillard of the fashion world. To my surprise it was french. I understood it via subtitles and I loved that it was a little bit left of centre. 

Reading something off of a screen takes a while to get used to, but after a while you don't even realise you are doing it. Having to read a movie means that you give it your full attention. I especially liked watching 'La Vie En Rose' because it introduced me to Edith Piaf and I liked learning about her life and reading the interesting lyrics to her songs. 

All the other movies I have seen are Audrey Tautou movies and the other CD (one is Edith Piaf) is a 'So Frenchy So Chic' film festival compilation. When I listen to my french CDs I don't understand anything. Sometimes I look up the translation of the lyrics and get a gist of what the song is about. Sometimes I sing along to Edith Piaf in my car and know that I am probably butchering the words and really singing something that doesn't quite make sense because I can't pull of that accent.

I don't mind not understanding the words. There is something about a french accent that sounds really good and I think sometimes not understanding is just as beautiful as understanding. It's like connecting to a song through empathy or something. And not understanding, clears your mind and allows you to really enjoy the music. I also like some of the instruments used. In Edith Piaf's music there is a lot of Accordion and piano. The film festival soundtrack has a lot of Kooky acoustic tunes on it with a few interesting instrumental choices. One of my favourites features a saw. 


I chose the french, because french came to me and because what I have seen so far fits into the genres that I usually go for. I think too that I have been subjected to too many movies where the characters go to Paris that I have been taught to love it. I don't know if I will ever learn the language or visit though. I think if I did it might be like that 'Monte Carlo' movie for me. My expectations would be too high and I'd be disappointed that there was no Gene Kelly tap dancing in the streets, giving candy to all of the children and singing about Lise. And, I think sometimes learning about something can take a lot of the fun out of it and it becomes more like a chore. Even if it is a beautiful language.

I know this is a random post, but I just thought I would share some of my thoughts about listening to something in another language. I don't really know anyone else's thoughts on it...

If you are going to watch a french movie I highly suggest 'Amelie' starring Audrey Tautou. This is one of my favourite movies. It is a feel good movie and is good for a laugh. Amelie has a very cool sense of style and she is the most interesting character ever. 

Have you ever watched a film in another language? Do you like the music of Edith Piaf?

Your Favourite Blogger,