Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Update: Pinterest Boards and Polyvore


I haven't been blogging much lately or thinking of ideas to blog, so I thought I might share some of the Polyvore sets and pinterest boards I have made recently. I hope you enjoy these and find some inspiration in there. 

fashion board created using #polyvore
Posted by Quirky Vintage Blog on Thursday, 17 September 2015

style board created with #polyvore
Posted by Quirky Vintage Blog on Saturday, 19 September 2015

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beauty Review: Colourpop Cosmetics

After so much Youtube hype, I eventually decided to order some of the ColourPop cosmetics online. Three orders later and this is what I have accumulated. Instead of doing individual reviews I thought I would just go ahead and swatch all of them in one big review post. I have since ordered more, but I'm not sure if I will swatch those... 

ColourPop is an American cosmetic company that only sells their products online through the Colourpop store. Despite the low value of the Aussie dollar and the cost of shipping these products are quite cheap with Eye shadows and lippie stixs costing $5 each, Ultra Matte Lip (liquid lipstick) costing $6 and Cheek/Face products costing $8. I bought all of these with my own money.

^When I got the box in the mail I started opening stuff up and it looked like this. The products come in little cardboard boxes with a window to see the product inside. You also get Information cards on how to wear the products and a Thank You card with a fun little compliment on it. Not everyone gets a box (It depends on how much you order and what kind of products etc). I ordered a fair bit each time because I have to pay postage to Australia, so I tried to make it worthwhile. 

^Here is one of my Thank You cards. I tossed the others, but I decided to keep this one because Elvis lyrics.

^Face and Eye products are packaged like this. The product has a pattern through it (makes you a little hesitant to use it at first because its so pretty). The packaging is  white and "ColourPop" is written across it in silver holographic letters, which looks like a rainbow in photos. The LippieStix reminded me of Pantone/Copic marker packaging, which I thought was very neat. A lot of people dislike the screw top lids of the eye shadows and blushes, however there isn't much that the company can do about it because the mousse-like formula needs to be kept in air-tight packaging. I also find the packaging can get pretty dirty especially since the best way to apply the product is with your fingers.

The formula of the Eye and Face products is squishy to touch. Its a mousse formula that sets to a powder. It is designed to be free of fall-out and to last on the eyes. I think the formula is really cool and interesting, but there are definitely downfalls, such as:
-having to experiment with different methods of application
-learning what products from other brands do and don't work with this texture
-Whether or not you like the feel of the product
-It can dry out in the pot if you don't shut the lid
-The products expire a lot quicker than normal powder eyeshadows
-I feel like you go through product quicker (but not sure if that's just because I use some of these products almost every day)

Positives are:
- That there is literally no fall out (with one exception - read the 'Metalic Eyeshadows' review to learn more).
- Product stays in place all day
- So much more pigmented
- Touching weird squishy stuff during your morning make-up routine makes it more fun. 

The names of the shades are also a talking point. Some are cool and make total sense. Calling a purple blush 'Rain' makes sense, but there are a lot names that I don't understand the relation to. There are also some names that are a bit controversial or that you wouldn't want to say out loud. There is a lipstick that I don't own called 'heart on'. Spells one thing, sounds like something else. Also names like 'Between the Sheets' and 'Prenup' made me reconsider some shades just because I didn't like the name. I know some people dig funny names, but for me it can sometimes be a bit of a marketing fail.


^From Left to Right:
Top Row (Matte) : 'Bites', 'Flux' and 'Cowboy'
Second Row (Matte) : 'Play', 'Girl Crush', 'Bill' and 'Hustle'
Third Row (Pearlised) : 'High Tide', 'Plunge' and 'Partridge'
Bottom Row (Metallic) : 'Swan', 'I Heart This', 'Flipper' and 'Sequin'

I wanted to write about the eye shadows first because I feel like these are the most talked about products. I own more of the shadows than any of the other products. Technically they are called Super Shock Eye Shadows, but I'm just calling them eye shadows. This is going to be a long post so I'm saving on unnecessary repetition where I can.

I do use a primer underneath these. My favourite primer to use is the 'Lime Crime Illuminating Eye Shadow Primer'. I find that some of the shadows can catch onto dry patches in my inner corner, so I have to be careful of that. 

Arm Swatch (Mattes) : 'Hustle', 'Bill', 'Girl Crush', 'Play', 'Cowboy', 'Flux' and 'Bites'

The mattes are my favourite eye shadows because they are so pigmented and are not chalky at all. I have never known a matte eye shadow before that actually looks white without a thick base underneath. I have used powder eyeshadows by Sleek Cosmetics and Milani over the top of these with no problems and I find that the ColourPop shadows help to make the colours of powder shadows look more pigmented the same way my NYX eye shadow pencil would. 

I find the best way to apply these is with a finger. Some Brushes do work, but it's a very quick way to use up your product. I like these colours for the lid or the outer half of the lid. If you are going to use these in the crease you need to use a brush to sheer out the product or it will go patchy. 'Hustle' is probably my least favourite eye shadow because it is tricky to blend. I think the only way I have found to wear this shadow is to use it to add warmth and dimension to the outer corner (or outer v) of a darker eye shadow look.

Arm Swatch (Metallic) : 'Sequin', 'I Heart This', 'Flipper' and 'Swan'
(Pearlised) : 'Partridge', 'Plunge' and 'High Tide'

The Metallic shadows are very "Out There". They aren't just glittery, but they are so sparkly they almost look "Wet. My photos really don't do the shadows justice. I think 'I Heart This' would suit anyone and I think 'Flipper' is super duper fun looking. I wasn't impressed with 'Sequin' because it is so much darker and redder than I thought it would be. For Some reason 'Swan' is very sheer and goes on a bit clumpy' (I think it might be a little dry). 

My tips for the metallics is to apply your crease colour first because if you apply it afterwards it can break up the glitter. Wear a good primer and beware of letting your eyelid get too powdery or the shadow won't stick and you will get FALLOUT. Also after a long day the metallic shadow can crease in the inner part of your eye-lid, so I highly recommend putting a different colour in the inner quarter/third of your eye. 

The Pearlised shadows can be a little bit on the sheer side. They are great for the inner corner or for layering over a matte ColourPop shadow. My least favourite is 'Partridge'. Don't get me wrong; I love this shadow, but I just wish the duo chrome was a bit more intense.


Bronzers (Left to Right) : 'Bon Voyage', 'Paradise Cove'
Blush (Top Right) : Aphrodite
Blush (Bottom, Left to Right): 'Quarters', 'Pre-nup', 'Rain'

Swatches (Left to Right) : 'Bon Voyage', 'Paradise Cove', 'Aphrodite', 'Quarters', 'Pre-nup' and 'Rain'

I Really liked the two bronzers I got. 'Bon Voyage' is slightly darker than my skin tone, so I highly recommend it for pale people. I think these bronzers are definitely more of a blusher/bronzer type product and I wouldn't use it to contour or frame my face like I often do with my Bourjois powder bronzer. The formula is a bit tricky to apply so I try to limit where I place the bronzer or I find I can end up looking muddy. 'Paradise Cove' has a shimmery golden glow to it, which is perfect for lazy days because its like a blush/highlight/bronzer in one. 

I didn't like the 'Aphrodite' contour colour because it is way too red for me. I sometimes use it for deepening up another blush colour, but otherwise I don't really wear it. I regret buying this colour and do not recommend it. 'Quarters' is a fun colour that's probably better suited to darker skin-tones, but you can tone it down by applying very lightly. I really like 'Pre-nup' and think it would suit anyone. 'Rain' is something different, but I don't wear it much because it's not super flattering. 

My Experience with Blush Application:

- A lot of people out there recommend applying these in a stippling motion with a small duo-fibre stippling blush. I don't own a brush like this and wasn't about to buy one purely for the sake of applying this product, but I am intrigued so if you have any drugstore stippling brush recommendations I am all ears. 

- I tried applying this product with my fingers and I found that it tends to mix in with your other make-up, which sheers out the pigment of the blush and ruins the coverage of your foundation. For someone like me with blemishes in that area, I find that this can really enhance my blemishes and that after a while you can't even see the blush.

-I tried applying this with a damp ChiChi Blending sponge and nothing transferred.

-If I used a dry blending sponge to stipple the colour on I got really good pigmentation, so I had to be careful with colours like 'Quarters' which can look really full on. 

-Stippling the blush on makes it last longer on your skin through-out the day and doesn't mess up your make-up as much.

-The product is mousse-like and sets, however it can feel a little bit uncomfortable on your face, like some other cream blushes do. So you need to powder your face after you apply the blusher which can take some pigmentation away. If you apply powder before the blush, the blush goes on muddy.


Top Row: 'Road-Trip' (Tie-dye Collection, Limited Edition), 'Spoon', 'Stole the Show'
Middle Row: 'Hippo', 'Monster'
Bottom Row: 'Teasecake', 'Butterfly Beach' and 'Wisp'

Swatches (Left to Right) : 'Road-Trip', 'Spoon', 'Stole the show', 'Hippo', 'Monster', 'Teasecake', 'Butterfly Beach' and 'Wisp'

I really like the highlighters however some of the shades were not what I expected. Unlike the blushes, you can apply these over powdered skin, with your finger and have no problems. I have found that some of the lighter shades are a little glittery though and that once again these are more of a cheek product than anything because they are a little too OTT to put on your cupids bow or nose like you might do with a conventional champagne coloured highlight. 

While the first three colours in the swatch look very similar in the photo, they are actually quite different in real life. I found all of these colours to be too much for every-day wear, especially 'Road-trip' which has flecks of glitter through it. I really like 'Hippo', 'Teasecake' and 'Wisp' for everyday looks as they are more subtle and can be sheered out. These colours are only noticeable when the light hits your face. 'Monster' is my absolute favourite highlight, which has a bit of a duo-chrome to it. It is a bright pink, and it looks great with bright lip colours and a neutral eye look. 

'Butterfly Beach' is too rosy and too dark for my pale sallow skin, but I love it as a blush. The shimmers don't look super crazy when you where these as a blush as the only reflect where the light hits them. I would definitely recommend the darker highlighter shades as blushes as they are easier to apply and last longer over the course of the day. 


The bottom of the products. 

The lip primer is a very temperamental kind of lip product. If you use it carefully it can make the lip product last longer, but if you don't it can be kinda gross.

My Tips:
- Don't use a lip balm before this. The product is a bit drying and while I feel like I need a lip balm under it, the balm actually stops this stuff from setting and makes it go white and sticky. 

-Put this on clean lips and leave to dry down before lipstick application.

-Apply a thin layer only

-Don't use with matte lip products. It works great with 'Topanga' which is satin and some of my creamier Besame lippies. 

I would only recommend the primer if you are going to buy satin or glossy lippie-stix.

Swatches (Left to Right) : 'Chi Chi' 'Topanga', 'Tootsi', 'Pitch' and 'Wet'
Ultra Matte Lip: 'Sundae' and 'Bumble'

I am not the hugest fan of the matte finish lippie-stix with 'Chi Chi' being my least favourite (it really shows the lines in your lips). I do really like 'Tootsi' though and highly recommend it if you have always wanted to try a greige without drying your lips out too much or paying a huge price. The matte formula is creamier than a lot of matte lipsticks I own, but it doesn't last ages on the lips. 

'Topanga' is my absolute favourite and I highly recommend it. It is the perfect muted coral colour and it is great for those times when you really want to wear lipstick, but you don't want anything too bright. 'Wet' is a gun metal colour. It is really weird, but I really like it and think it would be cool with a warm toned eye shadow look or something. 

I really like the Ultra Matte Lip (Liquid Lipsticks). They have a great range of colours and they are a lot like the Lime Crime liquid lipsticks. I highly recommend applying over the top of a lip balm because they are quick drying and this gives you more "play" time to apply the product. These do come off when you eat greasy food, but honestly what doesn't. The swatches of these colours stained my hands for three days, so I don't think I will be swatching the the liquid lipsticks from my next order. 'Bumble' is amazing and 'Sundae' has a tiny bit of blue micro-shimmer which really makes it stand out on the lips. 'Sundae' looks great with the 'Monster' highlight, pink blush and minimal eye make-up. 


I am really impressed with these products. They are affordable, the range of colours is amazing and the packaging is simple. I would highly recommend the eye-shadows, the highlighters, the liquid lipsticks and select shades of the other products. I think they are a really fun and cheap option to fill the gaps in your make-up collection, especially if you would like to try some more out-there colours without paying the high-end price tag. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about the products featured here or if you would be interested in seeing what I get in my next order.

Your Favourite Blogger,

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Winter Beauty Favourites


I'm half way through the last month of winter and I can't see myself deciding on any more beauty favourites before September so I thought I would just share these with you now. I'm not a big fan of winter and I felt like some of these favourites made the season a little more bearable and lightened my mood a bit. Even though some of these beauty favourites are very winter oriented, some aren't specific to any season and I hope there's something useful or interesting in this Favourites post for you regardless of where you live or what season you live in. 

I spent most of my spare time on the couch during winter. I have been watching TV, online shopping, drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate and hanging out with pets. I haven't really accomplished anything else. I can't believe it's nearly September and my end-of-year goals are looking a little neglected. I have also managed to get a bit of a sniffle, not really a cold, just the effects of cold weather and allergies. Things flower here in winter. I live in North Queensland, so it doesn't get any where near as cold as a lot of other places during winter. I have never seen snow or frost, and I consider anything under 20 degrees celsius to be too cold. 

I didn't really do anything too exciting over the course of winter. I went to the Superboats again, I discovered a new make-up brand I liked. I honestly can't think of much else. I watched a lot of Youtube. I had pajama days... It would be an understatement to say that I'm looking forward to warmer weather...



  • My skin has been disgusting this winter. My hands cracked open a few times regardless of how much cream I put on them and my acne reached a whole new level. So I'm not sure if there is too much I can really recommend here. I don't know if it was so much the products I was using, as it was the change in whether, unhealthy habbits (eating/sleeping/water drinking) and stress that affected my skin. My face seemed to completely change and while I had a lot of blemishes, my skin was 100 times more sensitive and I had dry patches starting. Products that worked previously for me were too harsh, so I had to go buy gentler stuff which didn't seem to do much about the blemishes. 
  • One thing that I noticed worked for me was the TheBodyShop Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel which didn't affect my sensitive skin and worked wonders around the nose and on other dry partches. A trick I learned from a Make-up Video  by Shaaanxo on Youtube. 
  • I ended up re-purchasing the Garnier BB Cream Sensitive in Light/Clair which is still one of my favourites after trying so many. I have noticed it's a little bit on the pink side though, which is a shame considering my skin naturally quite sallow. 

  • I have really been enjoying using the Models Prefer Argan Concealer in 'Light' for underneath my eyes. It is so creamy and brightening. 
  • I got a Benefit They're Real Mascara sample with a magazine and I think it's pretty good. I don't think I will ever by the full size though. The price is a bit too high for my wallet. 
  • I rediscovered the Besame Violet Powder which I have used to set my face a few times this month. The only downfall is that I think this actually makes my under eye area look ashy, so I have to use something else to set my under-eye concealer. I really want to try the Vanilla version, because even though it's recommended for 'Light-Medium' skin (and my skin is Light), it seems like it would be better for me because I've got yellow undertones. 
  • When my lips haven't been super dry and gross I have really enjoyed wearing the Besame Lipsticks. I think I wore the two shades 'American Beauty' and 'Red Hot Red' the most, but I did wear all of the shades at some stage. 'Red Hot Red' is probably my absolute current favourite. It's so vibrant and flattering.
  • I discovered Colourpop Highlighters this winter and I bought quite a few of them. My absolute favourites at the moment are 'Hippo', 'Teasecake' and 'Wisp'. I have another Colourpop order coming in the mail soon and I hope to do a post about all of them with mini-reviews and swatches. 
  • I have been using a lot of single eyeshadows lately. The ones that get the most use are Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eye Shadow in 'Bella Ivory' (I use this for my brow-bone), 'Bella Cafe' (Transition shade) and 'Bella Taupe' (Crease Shade). I also really like the Essence I heart baked nude shadow in '05 My Favourite Tauping' as a transition shade. I have been using Colourpop Supershock Eyeshadows in 'Play' (My absolute favourite shade, which I use for lid or crease colour), 'High Tide' (Inner corner shade) and  'Bill' (A Mauve-y Mid-tone Brown which looks absolutely stunning with 'Plunge' worn over the top. My favourite combo). Finally, the Chichi Baked Eyeshadow in 'Living on a Prayer' is a great dark taupe for the crease. 
  • I also have some brushes favourites to share. I recently bought the Ecotools 6 Piece Essential Eye Brush Set and I am obsessed with the two larger brushes, which work great for blending the Colourpop shadows (though a finger is your best tool if you want good colour payoff). I really enjoy the Crush Cosmetics Precision Angled Brush for highlighting, setting my under eye area and for detailed contouring if I feel like it. The Crush cosmetics 217 brush is great for using darker colours in the crease. I also recently discovered the ChiChi Make-up Blending Sponge which is supposed to be a dupe for the Beauty Blender (which I have not tried. I like how affordable these sponges are. I don't really like it for foundation, but it's good for blending out concealer over blemishes. 

  • I still haven't really found a shampoo that I really like and I'm waiting for one I ordered from Avon. I have mostly been using the Organix Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner. Which can feel a little bit "heavy" sometimes. I think it would suit someone with long frizzy hair better than someone with short hair. 
  • I really like the TheBodyShop Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz which I put on damp hair before I comb and style it. I also use a little bit of the Toni&Guy Creative Stick it Up Gum sometimes to mess it up if I feel like it. I use these with some other products that I have mentioned in previous favourites posts.

  • Unfortunately I entered winter with the misconception that all my winter clothes still fit me and they didn't. I was so grateful that my Target Hot Options Cord Jeggings still did because I love them. 
  • I am obsessed with a peach coloured Mix Apparel Cardigan I got. It's a bit thicker than my other cardigans and I think it looks so cute. I have it in other colours, but the peach one got the most wear. 


This is a pretty random combination of songs that I have been enjoying. I bought a lot of them of itunes. 

  • 'Higher' by Creed
  •  'I'm Not in Love' by Fun Lovin' Criminals (Cover of 10cc)
  •  'The Other Side of Love' Jack Savoretti
  •  'Another Way to Die' Jack White and Alicia Keys
  •  'Unchained (The Payback/Untouchable) by James Brown and 2Pac
  •  '2 Hearts' Kylie Minogue
  •  'We Can't Be Friends' Lorene Scarfia
  •  'Run On' Moby
  •  'Temptation' by New Order
  •  'Blue Orchid' The White Stripes
  •  'Love Never Felt So Good' Michael Jackson (Demo Version)
  •  'Cinema' Benny Benassi
  •  'She' She and Him (Cover of Charles Aznavour)

  • I have been watching a lot of TV lately. So You Think You Can Dance (America) is on at the moment and I am obsessed with it. Especially the Stage Routines. I am a Team Stage girl, though I must admit JaJa is pretty damn cool too. I also recently started watching The Mysteries of Laura which features Debra Messing. Unfortunately the Australian TV channels are messing the times up on me. Do you here me TV channel people? Please don't do this to your viewers. Also if you live in America, please don't share spoilers with me. Aussie TV is always behind. I've also been indulging in a bit of The Voice AU and I've been re-watching Gilmore Girls on DVD. 
  • I have really been enjoying watching Youtube. At the Moment my Favourites are LipglossLeslie, Post Modern Duke Box (especially when Sarah Reich is Tap dancing), Pixiwoo, KathleenLights, and VintageorTacky. Most of these are beauty gurus, except for the Post Modern Duke Box which does old school covers of modern-ish tunes. 
  • Tomato tart. It's simple to make and it tastes good, and I've lost track of how many times I have made it over the winter. It's just a sheet of puff pastry with garlic butter, sliced tomato and grated cheese. One sheet is a "snack" for three people. Half a sheet is a meal for one. I'm also obsessed with ABE'S Bagel Bites in 'Pizza' flavour. YUM!


I hope you are all enjoying (or at least tolerating) your Winter (or Summer) weather. What are your favourite things at the moment?

Your Favourite Blogger,

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Outfit Post and Update: A Rock 'n' Roll Weekend, Tap Class and a Haircut


A neighboring town recently had their pin-up competition and car show which reminded me that I never got around to writing a blog post for the Rock 'n' Roll weekend I attended back in May. I also decided to include  a photo of my new tap shoes and haircut, which I haven't managed to show you all yet. The shoes and the hair aren't too exciting, but I think it's worth a mention. 


On the Saturday night I went to a dinner dance at our local PCYC. There was a Rock 'n' Roll band, a roast dinner and a photographer. I wore a dress that was probably more 1930s than 1950s, but I figured it was vintage appropriate and that was good enough for me. I really like the style of skirt for dancing in and while I don't think I danced that much during the night I did manage to get photographed on the dance floor by our local newspaper photographer.

While I don't take dance Rock 'n' Roll dance classes anymore, I still really enjoy that style of dance and highly recommend it if you are into vintage. There are a couple of variations and I'm not one hundred percent sure on their technical names. The style I like the most is referred to as a "Two Step".

^The dress. These photos aren't the greatest and yes I did filter them. So what? I did plan to wear these shoes again for the pin-up comp, but my feet were a little sore from dancing the next day. 

^With the cardigan on. The crochet collar is super cute.

^My nails for the weekend. A french manicure would have probably been more accurate, but I'm a nail stamping addict, so I went with one of the simpler designs. For details on what I'm used visit my  Manicures 2015 Album on Facebook.

^My Trusty Grosby dancing shoes. I wish they came in more colours. I also wore those earrings, had an umbrella/girl pin on my dress, used that purse and wore Besame Cosmetics Lipstick in 'Merlot'.

Overall, I had a really fun night. I think most of the fun definitely started later on when the majority of the crowd left. The band played a few favourites from other eras then (like the 40s, the eighties, etc). I honestly think any kind of dinner dance is heaps of fun and I wish there were more cool events like this to go to during the rest of the year. 


The next day we had the pin up competition. We had to walk down a cat walk and do a few poses for the camera and the crowd, while someone read out a short Biography we'd written. There was also a car show going on around us. I didn't place in this competition, but I didn't really expect to and I still had fun which is what it's all about. 

^My poses got a little more sophisticated as the weekend progressed. I'm wearing all vintage appropriate clothing. Nothing is actually vintage or by a Repro brand.

^I was trying to channel an "Effortlessly Graceful" vibe with this outfit. It's not what you'd typically expect when you think of "Pin-up" or Rockabilly, but I think these clothes are timeless and they suit my figure. 

^These are the accessories. You can't see the heart seam stockings in my photos. The Round sunnies with the silver tops are the sunglasses I wore for the event. I was given the cat eye ones as a participation prize. Unfortunately those ones are a bit big for my little head, but they do look pretty in my sunglasses case. 

^Some of my outfit inspiration for the weekend. 

Overall, I had a really good time that weekend and I definitely look forward to May next year. I don't know that I will enter the Pin-up contest again next year, but I will definitely be going along to the Dinner dance and car show anyway. Any excuse to dress up and dance to some good music!

I also got my hair cut a little shorter and choppier in style. I had a weigh line before and was getting sick of how thick and unmanageable my hair was. Now I can do a little bit more with it. It's more "modern" looking, but it's a little easier to style in the mornings, so that is okay with me. I am sorry if you can't really see much with my sunglasses in the way.

These are the tap shoes people requested to see. They are not too exciting. These are the kinds of tap shoes I have always worn. I had to get a size too big because of my weird shaped feet, but if I wear fluffy socks with them they fit perfectly. A bit annoying, but as far as I can remember with tap shoes it's always been that way. My tap teacher is really big on the "Bootmen" style of dancing, which I don't mind, but I will always still think of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly as the masters of this style. 

I have also been trying to choreograph something else either Jazz or contemporary, but I just can't pick a song. Any recommendations are welcome :)

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Your Favourite Blogger,

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beauty Review: Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Colour

I originally bought a Wet N Wild lipstick because I liked the vampy colour. I wasn't overly pleased, however after watching some of my favourite beauty YouTubers talk about how good they were I decided to buy two more to try because sometimes different colours have different results. The verdict? I'm really glad I gave these a second chance.

Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn't cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips.

I bought these from Crush Cosmetics. They are listed as $5 ea. though I think I may have gotten some of these on a sale, so they were possibly cheaper again. I think that it's probably the cheapest price I have seen a lipstick. It's definitely makes trying them a little less daunting.

I am not a huge fan of the packaging. I think that it's cheap looking, but then I guess that's just what you have to expect when it only costs $5. I think my least favourite thing about the packaging is that the lipstick doesn't wind all the way down, so the lid gets little bits of lipstick on it, unless you are super careful. Because it has a sheer lid it is easy to find the colour you want when you are looking through your make-up collection.

^That is as far as it winds down.

The lipstick is semi-matte and can be drying on the lips. I have found that applying lip balm a while before applying the lipstick prevents lips from becoming dry. The lipstick actually seals the lip balm in and makes it last longer. 

This is one of those matte lipsticks that can be a little tricky to apply. It is quite dry, so it takes a few swipes to get the colour pay off and it can appear a little patchy. This lipstick can look a bit rough around the edges so I highly recommend using a lip liner or diffusing the harsh lip-line with a cotton tip. It definitely goes on a lot smoother with a balm underneath and there isn't a real need to blot this one as it doesn't budge (much).

^The lipstick has a sticker on the bottom in a similar colour to the lipstick.

I'm not sure how many colours there are in this range, but Crush Cosmetics sells 26. I think that's a lot. I got the colours 'Ravin Rasin' 'Spiked With Rum' and 'Vamp it Up'. I 'Vamp it Up' is my least favourite as it is definitely harder to apply and needs to be touched up more often. My favourite colour is 'Spiked with Rum' and I think if you are going to try a colour I would highly recommend that one. I have been wearing 'Spiked with Rum' quite a bit recently because I think it's flattering and the mid-tone muted redd-brown shade really suits my style at the moment. 

^From Top to Bottom: 'Spiked with Rum', 'Ravin Raisin' and 'Vamp it Up'

The staying power on these is really impressive. If I eat something a little bit tends to come of in the centre of your lips, but not much more (unless it's greasy or super hot food). I haven't noticed it bleeding or feathering (except when I eat greasy food). Even wearing lip balm underneath I notice this lipstick stays a long time. Wet n Wild says the lipstick lasts 4 hours. I think it lasts longer, it just depends what you're eating. 

^This was my arm after I wiped off the lipstick with a make-up wipe. I washed it with soap later and the stains still wouldn't come off.

I really like these lipsticks now and I'm glad I gave them a second chance. With a few application tricks (using a cotton tip to smooth out the lip-line and wearing a good lip balm underneath) these lip colours can be amazing. I think for the price they are really good quality and I really like the colour selection. I'm definitely interested in trying out some more shades! I recommend these to anyone who is after a long lasting lippy at a decent price, however, I suggest using those application tricks as they make a huge difference.

Have you tried one of these lipsticks? What do you think about them?

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