Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lipstick Review: Cosmopop and Glamour101 (Lime Crime)

^This is my first ever purchase, use and review of a Lime Crime product. I couldn't decide between the two colours 'Glamour101' and 'Cosmopop' so I decided to get both of them. I have heard great things about Lime Crime and I think I'm in love! The packaging is pretty sweet too!

I tried Glamour 101 first. I wore it to work on Thursday over a thin layer of Nivea lip balm. I've decided in this review to break my thoughts up into the categories that most lipsticks are judged on: colour, appearance, moisture, staying power, an overall summary and a wearing suggestion or two. Glamour101 made me feel like snow white and was the sort of colour that would be appropriate for any setting.

The colour is not as red as it looks, just like everyone says (though it can show up a bit red in pictures (taken with a flash) so I can see why people would think it is red. It's actually got a bit of brown in it and the colour starts out as a bit of a middle tone and gets darker with another one or two layers (becomes more of a dark red).

The lipstick is a bit glossy upon application but after an hour or so dries to more of a matte finish. It is not a very thick lipstick (even if it is applied in three coats!), however, it's not see-through either. 

This lipstick is very dewy and moisturising when first applied, but does eventually become drier, so I do recommend wearing a lip balm underneath. 

Glamour 101 stayed on all day. Through morning tea, lunch and even a hot chocolate (though some of that did wear off slightly). I did reapply at lunch though because like another reviewer said; it feels weird not having to reapply at lunch time. It didn't last through a cold chocolate drink though and it certainly didn't make it through dinner. I'm impressed with it, because most lipsticks won't last through a fully fledged meal (especially if it is a bit on the greasy side or has sauce) and this one did last most of the day. It's almost like a stain in some ways. For intense colour, high-shine and lots of moisture I would reapply more often though. 

I love it. It isn't an invincible lipstick and it may need re-applying, but it does last well and the colour is perfect for me. I would love to get more cosmetics from this brand in the future. 

I think this lipstick looks fine on it's own with lots of face powder like Courtney Love in the 90s or like Snow-White. I also think it looks sweet with a faint hint of blusher and a shimmery sweep of bronze eye shadow.

I've taken some pics below of what Glamour 101 looks like on.

And, below are some pics of me wearing 'Cosmopop'. The colour didn't show up as bright in the pictures as it looked in real life. I really like this colour, I think it's a bit 60s looking and I adore it. The colour is a light orange that really made my lips 'pop' I'm not sure how the colour would go with darker skin tones. I blotted this because it looks thick and shiny where as 'Glamour101' is not a thick lipstick.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing the lipstick:

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Wall-to-wall books said...

I like the top one, the darker on you better because of your dark hair.
You are just such a cutie!

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Ha thanks :) I like the darker one better too, the light one is cute, but it is a bit out there.