Sunday, May 12, 2013

Haul/Update: Happy Mothers Day!

This week wasn't a good week. If I was having a good day, then somebody else wasn't. Things refused to work and hands failed to cooperate with brain. On the upside, there were some grand things about this week. For example, it is mothers day and I have made a pretty cake and given mum the sequel she was hoping to read. Over the weekend there have been some great sources of inspiration and I have come up with some grand new ideas for posts. 

^I got mainly non-fiction stuff in the mail this week. I purchased these books from fishpond. There is a guitar chords book, a crochet book, a letter writing book and a knitting/crochet book that is titled 'Two Balls or Less' which I think some people might find funny....

^I got these two fiction books. 'Mystic' by Alyson Noel is a review book from Pan Macmillan and 'The Wombles' is a book I bought a while ago that I haven't bothered to show off yet. On the subject of reading/book reviewing I have been extremely slack and I apologise to both my TBR pile and to those readers who only read because of book reviews and book related posts. 

^I bought this DVD with my Topfield recorder. I have a thing for tacky teen movies...

^I bought these lipsticks. I am yet to review the glamourflage ones, but here is a review for the Lime Crime ones.

^Some new nail polish colours. Though I am tempted to paint them bright pink  or red instead. Thanks to This Post I saw about vintage nail lacquer advertisements.

^I got a bit more skilled with my eyeliner and have started using liquid. The trick is to get rid of the excess on a piece of hand or tissue.

^I attempted finger-waves again with my new hair gel. It's so fun on short hair because you can cheat with the back and just scrunch waves into the hair.

^And, don't you just love the colour of those tights...

How was your week? I hope all of you mothers out there are having a lovely mother's day. 

Your Favourite Blogger,


Ms. McKellips said...

Those are super cute tights! I love the blue, it's so rich and bright! You'll have to post some of your crochet so we can see your super awesome talent!

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

I did in another haul a few weeks ago. I'm just doing basic squares at the moment but I would love to get into some more intricate designs! I loved the tights so much i decided to get a bright pink and red pair too!