Sunday, May 5, 2013

Haul/Update: Pretty Things & Shiny New Toys

Hi guys,
What a week! Some awesome things arrived in the mail (not too much is of the bookish variety though) and I've once again been preoccupied by other hobbies and have not gotten much further along with my reading. I got some very expensive things and some of them were only ordered this week and arrived already! Who would guess that I was actually planning to save money?!

It was my Mother's birthday on Tuesday and my sister and her boyfriend came over and we had pizza for tea. Other than that, my life has been pretty ordinary. I started watching 'The Voice' (Australia) on TV, but it lasted a whole two nights as I seemed to get really annoyed with the judges and disagree with most of the things they said.

^I got this awesome dressing gown at the local discount shop. I just adore it as it is really soft and I love the print. Normally dressing gowns that you buy from anywhere are usually covered in love hearts and rainbows and stuff. At the least I had been hoping to find a plain one, but this one is awesome. It reminds me of a coat I saw Kate Moss "recycling" in a fashion magazine.

^I got the latest copy of vogue and Abbe May's 'Design Desire' CD. The Magazine is very "1920s!1920s!" with the content which I love, but I also laugh at the fact that the people who really follow trends would not have looked at 1920s as anything more than fancy-dress until now.

^This is my Cotton on haul. I purchased these from the online shop. There is a shopping tote, a little wooden box filled with stamps (the kind you use with ink), two pretty notebooks, an eye mask and a box of Polaroid cards I got with my last order, but forgot to show you.

^Here is a close-up of the stamps I got, they are mostly for gifting things and making tags. I also got a peacock feather one. I have quite a few different ink  pads from some art projects of mine.

^The mug is from Cotton On, the book light is from my mum who bought it at the shopping centre and the book is from Pan Macmillan. I really like the mug, so far it hasn't leaked on me and the only issue with it is that the slidey thing at the top can be a little stubborn. The book light is very strong (I imagine it will be fabulous in power outages . And, I have not heard much about the book or author (didn't request it), but Melina Marchetta liked it, so I am interested in giving it a shot.

^I finally decided to organize my music so that it was all in the same place, but I will probably have to use some new dividers as these ones are a little bit too short.

^One of the most exciting things about this week was getting my YAMAHA Gigmaker pack from JBHIFI. I ordered it online on Tuesday night and it was here on Friday afternoon! It includes a pretty guitar (shown above) amp, tuner, bag and a few other extras. I already play acoustic, so it's not entirely unfamiliar. I wasn't sure about some of the knobs and switches and what not, so I have spent a bit of time on Youtube educating myself. What would we all do without Youtube?! 

I also got myself a Topfield HD PVR from JBHIFI, which was just all around difficult to photograph (reflections!). I am really pleased with that one. It's my first PVR machine and it has this awesome thing called intelligent recording.

When we went to the discount store I also bought myself a kitchen trolley for storing my art stuff. It isn't made up yet though as I am waiting for my sister to come over and assemble it for me. 

How was your week?

Your Favourite Blogger,

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