Monday, April 22, 2013

What exactly is my blog about anyway?

I recently added two new types of posts to my blog and as usual when adding a new element to my blog I worry "Is my blog becoming too varied?". I have a growing concern that people are going to get sick of my posts or that my posts aren't reaching a specific audience or that my posts aren't appearing regularly enough for anyone to stay interested in my blog. However, I write these posts anyway because I get inspired to write them, I often think that my blog could use something different and, I tend to find that I become so passionate about some things that I just have to write about them. I really just like to write and my blog is where I feel the most comfortable typing away about any old thing.

The reason I question "What exactly is my blog about anyway?" is because every blog that I like to read seems to have one theme or one main objective. The blog might be about vintage clothes, nails, music, young-adult fiction or sewing and the blog is almost always featuring posts only related to that chosen topic. In comparison my blog features a few sad DIY tutorials, book reviews, fashion forecasts, style crush posts, beauty reviews, musings posts and the newly added outfit posts and music posts. Like the list of hobbies that I've accumulated over the course of my life (I'm only 19) I find that my blog content has become increasingly varied.

I have decided to blame two things for this variety. 1. Magazines (whether they have a specialty or not) tend to have a bit of everything somewhere inside. Magazines have been a big part of my life. 2. Life is full of variety. As humans we work, we play, we sleep, we eat, we dress up and we entertain ourselves. I find that I can't seem to write about one aspect of my life and not the other in the same way that I can't just live in one aspect of my life forever. My blog is a big part of my life so I want to share it with you all.

As far as reaching a specific audience goes, I understand that some people just want to read a blog about one thing and my blog may not be what they are looking for because of this. I know that some contests  on websites that can promote your blog require your blog to be about a specific thing. "We usually only give that reward to blogger who do mostly outfit posts" etc. I'm hoping that people will be drawn to my blog because of the variety of posts available to them and that the audience could decide to pick and choose the posts that they read rather than dismissing the entire blog (that's a lot of content) just because they don't want to read a certain type of post.

I didn't realize until sometime last year that I actually enjoy writing. As strange as it sounds, I never really considered that writing a blog was actually writing. I would like to hope that I have made improvements to my writing since publishing so many blog posts for others to see. I think that writing about whatever I'm passionate about encourages a good effort and a good response from anyone who happens to find the post.

Your Favourite Blogger,


Anonymous said...

Variety's great, and the best way to network with people with equally varying interests is to seek out the blogs that like variety too, or that have specific interests that comprise your many interests :)

The only way I ever generated traffic to my site was by being the traffic to other people's sites. People into the same things as me, or a few of the same things. It's a great way to make blogger friends and pick up non-blogger readers.

Keep doing what you love, don't stress about your posts - I enjoy them, I'm sure others do to- and have fun socialising :)

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

I try to socialise on the blogosphere as much as I can, but there isn't always enough time in the day to do so.

Anonymous said...

tell me about it, I don't know how others keep on top of the networking, but if I fall back I fall back. Bloglovin keeps telling me I have over 200 posts I've not read and there's only so much of a dent I can put into reading posts before hitting the "mark blog as read" button. Some great articles though so I know I'm missing out, but free time's a wonderful thing too and doesn't need to have every second of it plugged up.

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

that's true. I seem to pick a few blogs and read them constantly and other than that it's just a few pick and choose scenarios from my reading list. i know i'm still missing out, but what can you do?