Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update: A bit of Vintage Pink

Hi guys,
This week technology has not been very kind to me. Blogger can be temperamental, the Internet keeps dropping out or slowing down, And, I've tried to buy the same jewellery from two different sites now and had problems with the 'Checkout' on each. It's getting me in a bit of a mood! Nothing much has really happened. I didn't get much in the mail and I haven't really done much except get online and buy things. I also have a bad habit of dressing up for short outings to town to buy things like magazines or a sunshade for my car before quickly retreating home and setting myself up in front of a laptop, book, TV or some hobby of mine...

^Here is yesterdays outfit. The dress is Best n Less, the belt is ASOS, the shoes from Big W and you can't really see my gorgeous lipstick but I am wearing some. Who says you can't look good without paying big bucks? Of course I also had to stitch up this dress and some that I bought like it. They just don't make department store clothes like they used to.

^Here is a blurry close-up of an owl brooch that Mum bought me for Christmas. Remember my post about The Challenge of Dressing Well ? Well, I am trying to practice what I preach, when I can...

^ A close-up of my bony feet in my gorgeous $5 shoes. 

^I've gotten back into crochet lately. I have been making a square rug since grade 6 (I was 11 and will be 20  this year) and I had enough squares, but all I have to do is crochet them together. I have since realized that I have grown a bit and will need to make my rug bigger and make more squares. Initially the rug was made up of squares with brown wool in the middle, pink around that and white edges; It was going to be an ice cream rug. I can't seem to find the correct brown shade anywhere so I am just going to make plain pink squares and make a pink border around the whole thing.

^I has a bit of difficulty getting the squares the right size because the tension (how tight I do the stitches) has increased as I've gotten more advanced, so I went from blaming the wool PLY for being incorrect on the label to trying a bunch of different sized hooks. I finally discovered that a size 5.5mm hook was going to create the right size squares that I originally got from a 4mm hook (I'm sure that's the measurement) back in the day.

^I got the new issue of Frankie and thought I'd use the opportunity to show everyone my cute lipstick. It's Revlon 'Fire and Ice' and I love the vintage style lipstick container they put it in. I've had it for a little while, but I keep forgetting to put it on here.

^Here are two of my most recent artworks. The one on the left is gouache and the one on the right has been done with some letraset/copic markers. I have purchased some more of these and some other art things.

^I also watched 'Casablanca' which I thought was beautiful, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was watching it alone. I ended up pausing it a fair bit or trying to listen to it and to my Mum talking at the same time which doesn't really work. I caught the drift of it and the chemistry, but thought it would be nicer to see it all in one long interrupted stream of movie. I thought it was so poetic how the ink in the note bleeds as the rain drips onto it.

This week, I also printed out the tabs/chords for Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans', made a DIY hair mask for my twelve year old cousin, watched countless episodes of 'Charmed' (watched Prue die again!), clogged up everyone's Facebook feeds, wrote a book review, started a new book... A fair bit of a week anyway!

Hope you had a lovely week!

Your Favourite Blogger,

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