Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Forever Charmed (Part Five: In Conclusion)

I've written four posts previously about the show. I've explained what the show is about, who the characters are, the magic that they do, the emotional aspect of the show, the sound-effects, the soundtrack and the guest stars, but in this post - the final 'Forever Charmed' post, but hopefully not the final Charmed related post- I really wanted to talk about the major stuff. I wanted to write about the things that made 'Charmed' such a great show.

I'm pretty sure you guys have figured out I'm a feminist by now, right? But, the great thing about 'Charmed' is that the main characters don't automatically take "that" role; they explore it. During the eight seasons of the show the female characters become dependent on men, they give up on dating, they have problems in their relationship, they go on a rampage to destroy the opposite sex and one of them even becomes a man. The Halliwell sisters all cross from one end of the scale to the other as the series goes on. The way that they explore these different ideas, gets us (as viewers) to think about it.

But, it's not just about the battle of the sexes. This is a story about sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers... It's about girls working together to save the day, And, how unusual for a paranormal show to be cast with so many female leads. Piper, Prue, Paige and Phoebe were all "real" women. Don't get me wrong- The actresses who played the part were/are all beautiful women, but these women weren't fake. From what I could tell, none of them had been surgically enhanced before/during the making of the show, they weren't stick-thin (but they weren't overweight either), And they weren't always "dolled-up".

The show is a great metaphor and example of "girl power". This show is about discovering who you are and learning to accept it,  gaining/regaining confidence, facing your fears, helping others/helping yourself and overcoming obstacles. I think the reason the show is so popular is because women can identify with the issues that the Halliwell sisters must face. There are plenty of male fans too; with three attractive females as the lead characters, And a kick-ass paranormal story-line who can blame them?

'Charmed' is a complicated show. It's not just the family aspect or the witchy aspect or the romance aspect of the show that make the show so great; It's the combination of that and more. The truth is, people like shows that are "realistic" or in this case realistic-as-they-can-be and in some cases that means a confusing story-line, because real-life is not simple. And, with 'Charmed' there is a lot going on, you've got family, friends, careers, romance, demons... Things are all happening at once (how "realistic" is that?!) and fans need to keep watching, paying attention to keep up with what's going on, because drastic stuff happens on the show all the time.

The reason I write reviews is to make it easier for people who haven't experienced it (whether it be a book, show or movie) to decide if they want to watch/read it. When I really like that book/show/movie I then recommend it to people that I think would like it. 'Charmed' is one of those shows that is so good, and so diverse that I can't think of many people who wouldn't like it. I can think of a few people that might snob the show because of the low quality special effects or the outdated wardrobe and soundtrack, but I would like to think most people could look past those things. 

Originally when I sat down to watch 'Charmed' I was sitting by myself. My sister joined me but argued that the show was a little scary, and my mother saw snippets of it. Further on down the track, my parents were walking in and out of the lounge room whilst I was watching the show, and they ended up watching it too. My Mum, Dad and I all agreed that it was a good show and I think it must be if it was diverse enough to suit all of us. 

I strongly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys books/shows/movies about the supernatural (especially if they're about witches) as well as anyone who likes family shows like 7th Heaven. If you appreciate a show with a bit of action, romance, witch-craft, family drama and career development; really, if you like a diverse show with a bit of everything and some emotional stuff. I think a lot of people missed out on 'Charmed' because the first season was shown in 1998 and that those people should give 'Charmed' a go.

This will be my final 'Forever Charmed' post, I am considering doing some more 'Charmed' theme posts, but that will all depend. I hope you've all enjoyed my 'Forever Charmed' posts and that if you haven't already seen the show, that you give it  a chance. 

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