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Sleepwear and Vintage Beauty

I dream of Magic

I dream of Magic by quirkichik featuring a lip treatment

I recently purchased some pajamas online. I figured that sooner or later summer would be over and I would need more winter pajamas for the cooler weather. The thing is though, it seems like I'm always buying more pajama bottoms or tops and this has got me thinking about sleepwear from a fashion standpoint and what other people might think of it. Does everyone else make an effort to wear matching tops and bottoms to bed, or have three pairs of slippers to make their selection from? 

See, I'm not a huge supporter of the over-sized ugly-fishing-shirt-as-a-nightie look.  I know, I know it's probably really comfortable and it's not like anyone sees you in your sleepwear anyway, but actual sleepwear is comfortable too. The way I see it is this: the amount of time you spend sleeping, eating breakfast, taking sick days and spending Saturday/Sunday morning on the couch that's gotta be almost half of your life right? And, it's the one time that you don't have to be expected to dress a certain way. You don't have to wear a uniform or a cocktail dress. It doesn't have to be modest or revealing. It's up to you.

And, it doesn't necessarily have to be "sleepwear". Some department stores have some really soft/really comfortable "underwear", "active wear" and "essential" clothing ranges that come in bright colours. My new winter sleepwear wardrobe consists of long sleepwear pants, camisoles and some super-soft cardigans/sweaters. And, because I'm such a cold frog (it doesn't snow or go below five degrees or anything like that in my town during winter) I also have a "Men's" jacket that I wear on cold nights, I wear fluffy socks, I choose from three pairs of Marie Antoinette slippers and I am considering getting myself some thermals for those pajama pants in case the fabric is too thin. 

Seeing as this is a quirky vintage blog, I thought I might talk about some sleepwear/underwear/bath things that are a bit old-fashioned. I just love watching old films or modern day films set in another era and watching these classy women apply their make-up or snuggle in their luxurious bedrooms with an eye mask and rollers in their hair. And, then there are the teen flicks; The films where your favourite actresses are fawning over Mr perfect, or crying over Mr perfect, wearing the cutest pajamas. 

ACCESSORIES for tired people (and Homebodies):

-Eye masks: Have you seen 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' with Audrey Hepburn? I ordered a similar mask, but instead of ordering one in an aqua colour I went for a grey lace one. It looks a little bit like the mask Audrey wears in another film 'How to Steal a Million'.

-Dressing Gowns: I have an old dressing gown that used to be mum's. It's a bright fuchsia colour and it has a big frilly collar. I also have a pale green satin one from dance concerts (we had to wear a dressing gown over our costumes to sit in the audience and watch the other dances), but I think it's a bit on the short side. I think these are great for wearing over your fancy outfits when you are applying make-up.

-Slippers: A must in winter if you have tiled, timber or vinyl floors. I also like to wear them when it's a cold day and I've been wearing thick stockings or tights. That way I'm not ruining my stockings or slipping over all the time. My slippers are floral embroidered looking things. My mother and sister refer to them as granny slippers. I refer to them as 'Marie Antoinette Slippers' because I think they look a bit like the shoes Kirsten Dunst wears in that movie.

-Cute Socks: Fluffy, stripey, patterned, decorated with comic strip images.... 

VINTAGE BEAUTY (accessories and rituals)
I thought I might include some of this because I think it is relevant. These are beauty things that occur during/before/after you get-into/wear your pajamas.

-Shower Caps: they keep that well styled/set hair from getting wet if you're planning on going out that night or keeping that style for the next day; GHD users look here. I don't actually have one of these, because my hair is pretty short. 

-Pin Curls/ Finger Waves/ Rollers/Rags: Time consuming, yet accurate curling methods that may require the use of a hair drier, heaps of water or both. When my hair was longer I used to love making pin curls with my hair and letting it dry overnight. I would have bouncy curls to last me all day, the next day.

-Face Masks: I like to do one of these at least once a fortnight. I generally just love any sort of beauty treatment, especially if it's pain-free and natural. I recommend a headband to anyone who doesn't want to get Clay or avocado or honey or whatever it is they use in their hair.

I am probably too fund of online shopping. And, while I do know my limits (with what I can and cannot buy without seeing in person) I just cannot seem to help myself with Bed/Bath stuff. Most of the shops I use are ones that I have been to in person (in another town) so I generally know what the sizing is like and what sort of fabrics they use for certain items. I also know, that I can return that Item the next time I go to that town, especially now that I have my license and can drive there if I really want to. 

The shops I have been using recently are Cotton onTarget Online, and Mix Apparel. I haven't received my order from Cotton on yet, but the other two sites are definitely reliable. I think these shops are for Australia only though, there might be a US version of Target Online though? I actually have a Target in my town, but the online store is free postage and provides more of a range. The other sites have different postage deals depending on when you order, how much you order and which promotional deals are running at the time.

I bought a sleep mask from Cotton on, Some Pajamas from Target and a bunch of Cardigans and Pullovers from Mix. The fabric they use for Mix clothes is so soft! Especially the knitted stuff... Maybe I will show you in another post... Or, would that be weird?

Really the point of this post is to show everyone that dressing up to stay in should be fun. And, that there is a point. We spend so much of our lives wearing pajamas that we should wear something that we like. When you dress well, you emit confidence - you feel better about yourself- so, shouldn't that count for bed clothes as well? What are your thoughts on Sleepwear and vintage beauty? Do you like the vintage ideas in this post? Or, do you think the whole notion of wearing matching pajamas is loony? Let me know in the comments below...

Your Favourite Blogger,

P.S. What I said before about the ugly fishing shirt, was not directed at Men's-shirt-turned-makeshift-nighties exactly, It was more of a dig at wearing anything that you aren't overly fussed on. If there is a t-shirt in the "Men's" section with a slogan on it that screams your name then go for it!

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