Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Update and 'Amelie'

I've been meaning to write this post for about a week now, but my Internet wasn't allowing me to upload pictures. The interesting thing about this post is that it's an update and that even though I was going to write it a week ago, nothing is really all that different to how it was last week. Because I haven't finished reading my book yet and haven't been able to post a post about it I thought I'd tell you about a few interesting and rather wonderful things that have been going on in my life. I think sometimes it's best to not dwell on the bad things -avoid them at all costs even- and embrace the happy.

So far, 2013 has brought me some great things (that and, the Christmas of 2012). I've gotten heaps of new things for my room (I'm moving rooms), I got a stack of movies too large to fit into my DVD rack, I got some new tunes, I got more nail polish, I got, I got, I got... I haven't really bothered to do a haul yet, because I honestly don't know where to start, and I thought I might wait now, until I have finished my room and do a few different haul/tours of my room and collections of stuff (DVDs, CDs, nail polish etc).

I'm trying to embrace my arty side this year. I only really started painting again some time in June and I managed to paint a fair bit, so maybe this year, starting in January I can produce around the same amount (seeing as I'm anticipating a busier year and all). I also thought I'd try and have a go at some of the pictures I've been wanting to attempt for a while now and mucking around with a few different mediums. I'm also looking at a few more possibilities of how to turn my art into a profitable thing, so we'll see how that goes.

^My lead pencil drawing of  Lana Del Rey

I noticed that a fair few people who took the blog survey were selecting 'My Artworks' as a possibility of something they could see more of on the blog, so I thought I'd show you this one. Sorry about the watermarks guys (I hope they don't prevent you from seeing any of it), but I'm not really keen of putting an artwork up that isn't marked, because knowing my luck someone will try to claim it as their own. Lead pencil isn't my favourite medium to work with. I normally draw the outlines of my picture with lead pencil and use gouache paint to colour and shade the picture.

^This is what my nails looked like on Sunday.

After attempting to do a few different designs on my sisters nails and failing miserably, I decided to go for something really easy and simple. And I actually, really like it. It reminds me a bit of unicorn horns or candy-canes or carousel poles or something, but really it's just gold diagonal stripes (in some cases dashes). It didn't last half as long as my fancy nails usually last and I think it's because my nails had gotten so long that I couldn't do much easily without the nail scraping against something. I have since trimmed and filed my nails and while they aren't that long anymore, they do feel so much nicer now. 

Are two characters I have discovered somewhat recently. And, I absolutely adore them both. I watched 'Sabrina', the 1954 version with Audrey Hepburn because I want to watch all the Audrey movies and I thought it was great. It wasn't long later that I rewatched, And then I saw the 90s version with Harrison Ford (despite the fact that it was technicolour I thought it paled in-comparison. My mother thinks that's the Audrey Hepburn obsession talking). And then, I saw fabulous movie called 'Amelie' which is in french, and is one of the weirdest, funniest movie I've seen. I'm telling you about these movies, because I highly recommend them and I know that if you are anything like me you'll wish that you had discovered them much earlier!

'Sabrina' is about a chauffeur's daughter and her obsession with David Larrabee; the spoilt son of the family her father works for. He doesn't know she exists, she goes to Paris, returns with a new haircut, he takes an interest in her and the other brother Linus steps in to try and separate them so that David can marry Elizabeth  and the two families (who both own large companies) can work together on a merger. The Audrey Hepburn film features Audrey singing 'La Vie En Rose', a few fancy old cars, some pretty fifties fashions and a very cool haircut. It's in black and white (which some would consider to be a downfall) and it's just as upbeat as any modern day rom-com I've seen.

'Amelie' is about a dreamer who keeps to herself, but starts to interfere with other people's lives when they aren't watching. It's as much about helping others as it is about helping yourself. It's one of those movies that has a bit of a mystery as well as a bit of romance. I think many introverts will be able to relate with Amelie, and that the movie is very inspiring. Apart from inspiring you to help others and help yourself, the film also encourages you to question what strange mysteries exist in your own everyday small world. The only pitfall with this film was that it was in french and you have to read subtitles.

I'm still reading 'Tender is the Night' by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and am finding it to be a bit depressing. Normally I don't find books about mental conditions (or with characters who suffer from mental conditions) depressing, but because of the way it reminds me of some recent  occurrences in my family. Why is it that you start reading a book that you're fine with and something happens personally to make it seem less desirable.

I would have said that I'm still watching season 8 of charmed, but the Internet started playing up again and I ended up watching it last night. Keep a look out for a post about the show. It will take me a little while to write seeing as there were 8 seasons! I'm also trying to figure out how I want to write it. I want it to be relatively spoiler free, except for obvious spoilers. 

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