Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Small Obsessions: Cinching The Waist

I like to wear a belt around my middle. I have a tiny waist and I like to show it off. The great thing about waist belts though is that they can be flattering on those with larger waists also. The belt  makes looser items of clothing gather and "pouf " at the bust and hips, which makes the waist look like it's the smallest part of the body. Don't believe me? There are a whole heap of pictures on the net of vintage and lolita bloggers in all different shapes and sizes that will prove my theory correct.
I like to wear a belt or ribbon around my waist when I'm a: wearing a loose fitting sack of a dress (I own four of these), b:wearing a long loose fitting top over anything (rather than tucking it in I put a belt on to create a peplum effect, And, c: When I have tucked a top into some high-waisted bottoms that have belt loops. I also like that there are so many belts everywhere in the world right now. The only thing I don't like is that for some reason they tend to make some of the belts a bit big. You can buy a belt that has S-M on it and be an S-M in size, but it might be designed for wearing on your hips, rather than your waist and not do up tight enough.
Cinching the waist isn't all about belts though. Tucking a top into a high-waisted a-line skirt or wearing a dress that gathers at the waist are also a great way of cinching the waist. I like wearing waist belts and high-waisted shorts simply because I love the clothes of the 50s. I enjoy the retro aspect of that particular shape and I feel like a real little lady- like I've really made an effort- when I take that whole extra minute to locate and buckle-up my belt.
^These are my belts. The top one is a ribbon that I tend to tie around my waist in a bow. I have a few of these that came off of shirts that I own. The next one is an elastic belt I bought on ebay. And, the third belt is one that used to be my mothers. She gave it to me when I was in primary school and it is still my favourite.
I do have a few other belts, but they are too big to wear on my waist. I have another elastic one that fits, but I don't like how wide it is. The thing about belts though, is that I'm not constantly thinking about buying another one. I really like my belts and want to wear them with everything!
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