Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reconsidering Nails

I never really liked the idea of decorating nails. Despite my artistic ability, I just couldn't seem to paint nails neatly or get the nail polish to last. I really liked the look of some nail designs, but just couldn't see how they fit in with my style or how they were practical in everyday life. I was never allowed wear nail polish to school (school rules), so that left holidays and sports carnivals. And, I didn't like the idea of overly long or fake looking nails. Here I am a couple of years later, working at a department store and thinking that I have improved at a lot of things over the years (guitar playing, braiding hair, painting, remembering things) and why don't I add nails to that list?
What had put me on this train of thought was a nail polish set I spotted at the supermarket. I hadn't worn nail polish in ages and felt a girly longing to decorate those pinkish surfaces at the end of my fingers. I was then looking up pictures of DIY nail art on weheartit.com and found some lovely pictures linking me to a very cool blog with a facebook page. That page linked me to more...
Some of the cool nail designs I have seen so far involve cartoon characters, pac-man, glitter, gradients, cupcakes, butterflies, Christmas trees, roses and patchwork. I was so inspired that I ended up purchasing a nail polish set from the chemist that was shaped like a candy cane and filled with lots of pretty colours (I'll try to include a picture in my next haul). I'm still trying to find some cheap white nail-polish, but think I have enough of every other colour.
I'm really inspired by the butterfly design and can't wait to try it out soon. I've been looking at pictures of butterflies tonight and there are just sooo many pretty ones that I want to try to create. I'm definitely leaning towards something dark and shimmery like green or blue. And while the design doesn't look too hard, I think I may just have to test it out on my toenails first.
Nail Blogs I Love:
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I hope to show you some pics of my nails with some of those designs (and who knows maybe some of my own designs) in the future.
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