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Bookish Gifts (Part 3)

I've had a few more ideas floating around in my head for another bookish gifts post and thought seeing as Christmas really isn't that far away and the shops are starting to put out all their gift sets, that now would be the perfect time to write this post. If you missed them, here's Part one and Part Two. And, for those crafty ones, here are some handmade gift ideas.

I've decided once again to break this one up in to categories based on what the person may also be into. I've found that not only is "bookish" a very open non-select selection of people, but it is also a very narrow selection if you separate the other adjectives that can be used to describe the person. I apologise if any of these come off as a little too stereotypical. I understand that every person is an individual and that just because someone likes to write (for example), they don't necessarily want a cute computer mouse...

This is the sort of girl (or guy) who likes to read, but also likes to spend a lot of time playing with their hair and applying make-up. I thought that the perfect gift for someone like this would be a time consuming product that they can use whilst they read.


-Rollers or Pin-Curl Clips:
If your friend is into retro hair-styles this is one gift they'd definitely appreciate. Whether she likes to style her hair hot/cold pin curls do take a while to set (the longer you leave them in the better the curls are) which means she can sit back and read whilst she's waiting. You could add more items to the present depending on your budget and the curling method your friend prefers. If she likes to do wet pin curls a can of hair mousse and some sort of hair wrap/net would be appropriate. If she likes to do hot pin curls a can of hair spray and a cute hair accessory would be a cool gift. If you're feeling really generous a travel curling iron or a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment would probably go down pretty well too.

-Pedicure Kit:
She can do her pedicure and then sit back and read whilst the toe-nail polish dries.

-Face Mask:
Really? Do I even need to repeat myself? A fabric headband would go well with this present.

That person who has to split their time between reading and crafting. I think craft projects/kits that incorporate a bookish theme are the perfect way to mix both activities. You can purchase kits for DIY projects at department stores or create your own.


-Custom Book Bag Kit:
A kit with one or two plain canvas tote bags and some decorative tools. Fabric markers, glue, sequins, lace...

-Make your Own Book Mark Kit:
Metal bookmark pieces, string, beads, charms.

The person that likes to have everything just right before delving into a fictional world. Or you know the person could just be stressed out and want more out of the relaxing experience called reading. The right gift for this person would be something that helps them achieve this.


-Cute headphones or ipod speaker:
I like to listen to music while I read and I know a few people who also do. A cheap ipod speaker or a pair of cute earphones (you can get ones with miniature animals and such on them) could be the present they were hoping for.

-A nice candle and/or candle holder:
Like a lamp (mentioned in a previous post), A candle can add light (always handy when reading), and a nice scented one makes the house smell pretty.

The person that likes to know everything they can know about the book. They like to read parody books written by other authors or books that reference that book (for example, the many books about Jane Austen and/or Mr Darcy ruining some 20-something woman's life). The perfect gift for that person would be a present that incorporates objects/themes from that book. You could include the book in question in the gift if the person doesn't already have it.


-A Movie Adaptation:
A DVD of The latest Jane Austen Mini series might be just the thing for a Jane Austen Fan.

-A guide or handbook for an old author or popular fantasy series that you friend is into:
Be sure to have a quick squiz at some reviews of this guide online first. Some of them tend to be very repetitive and include a lot of revision about what has already happened.

-A themed present to go with a book they haven't yet read (you'd have to include the book in the present) or a themed present based around a book that they have read and owned:
A little bit of research or thought may be required. A smart choice is to go by what's on the cover or to have a bit of a google (maybe some merch site might pop up). An example of this idea is a tube of red lipstick, some black lacy gloves and a copy of 'Vampire Kisses: The Beginning' by Ellen Schreiber.

So, there you have it; My third list of gift Ideas for the bookish people. I hope you enjoy!

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