Sunday, April 6, 2014

Haul: Nail Stamping and Records!

Hey Guys,
It has been a little while since doing an update/haul. I think this is becoming like a monthly event now? Anyway... this week I got some awesome stuff and I decided I want to show you guys. I got a few books, some awesome nail stamping image plates, nail polish, records and art supplies. I did get a few other bits and pieces but as usual I am saving those for reviews or keeping them as a surprise for outfit posts etc.

I finally decided to start looking at Netgalley's again. I felt bad for just leaving my account alone and not using it. I also find that Kindle books help me to reach my reading goal, because I can just let it read to me (out loud in that auto-robotic voice) while I do other stuff like ironing or sketching. 

Just some non-fiction stuff. I feel like you can never have enough books about crafting, nail art or vintage fashion.

I got some Nail art stamping plates from Chocolate Vanity Nails on Etsy and some nail polishes. I got the Cartoon plates and the Harry Potter ones. I really like the designs and the ones I have tried out so far work well with the sponge and polishes I have been using. I hope that they make some more designs in the future as I think these plates are actually pretty good quality. 

Also, I now have two nail racks and my polishes don't all fit... So I'm vowing to only buy new polishes for stamping and that's it. I'm thinking maybe silver and white? What colours would you recommend. The supermarket had mny and Nicole by OPI on sale. 

^Here are mum's Tweety bird nails I did with the cartoon stamping plate.

^Here is the Harry Potter mani I gave myself. It's a little messy because of the glitter. 

I got mainly eighties stuff. I really wanted to get the INXS one because I already have the CD 'Kick' and I think this one should have most of the other songs I want. I got the Andrews Sisters one off of Ebay mainly because I know some of the songs from dance class. 

I just got some more Copic markers, some acrylic paints, Progresso pencils (to try out and I have since ordered a larger set) and a draw&wash pad which is awesome for my coffee artworks. I was going to post some artwork up, but I don't have time to watermark it now so it will have to wait till next haul. I get these from Cavalier art which is an awesome supplier in Australia.

How have you all been? Did you get anything exciting in the mail  lately?

Your Favourite Blogger,

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Fantastic haul!!! I especially love the non-fiction books, plates, and art supplies (I adore Copic markers and use them in some my paper crafting projects).

♥ Jessica

Ashley Amanda said...

I have some nail stamps, they take practice but are very pretty when they come out right! Great find!

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

@jessica cangiano I have seen some gorgeous craft projects on the copic facebook page!

@ashley amanda I am finding it has a lot too do with the quality of the stamper, plates and polish used as well. Finding I get very different results from using different ones.

I am thinking about doing a post on how to do nail stamping. I am no expert, but I think a few helpful hints always go a long way. especially if there are any readers interested in trying it out.