Saturday, April 5, 2014

Updated Review/Swatches: LimeCrime Lipsticks

I've been looking at my LimeCrime collection lately and thinking that I would like to talk a little more about this product as I have noticed a few more things since my earlier review which was one of my first beauty reviews. I also wanted to do a swatch of the new additions to my collection so I thought I would include the other shades so that you can compare. 

A bit of a disclaimer: I tried to get these to look as close to what they do in real life in the photos by using flash and no-flash, but I didn't have the best lighting so I apologise. I have tried to describe the colour the best I can underneath and call out inconsistencies in the photos. I also noticed that this isn't the neatest application. This is because these lip colours can stain and because applying colours and then wiping them off can get messy!

I do love the light purple coloured plastic and the holographic unicorns, however the only indication of colour is the writing on the bottom of the tube, so I tend to find this a bit frustrating in the morning when I am trying to get ready in a hurry and I have to pick up each individual colour and read the bottom to find the one I am after. So as much as I love the packaging the fact that there is no colour sticker on the top or indicator of colour anywhere on the outside (except the bottom of the tube) means that the there isn't a real incentive to buy more colours if it means you are going to have difficulty finding the one you want in the morning. A suggestion for Doe Deere: maybe put some coloured roses or something around the unicorn in a co-relating colour?

The packaging is so-far pretty sturdy as is the lipstick inside. I am a pretty clumsy person and I haven't cracked a lid or broken a lipstick yet. I think pretty highly of what I have tried by this brand and love the colours and packaging of this product. It enables me to please my inner child and feel real classy and adult at the same time.

^Here is a picture of swatches without flash. Top to bottom: Poisonberry, Glamour101, Retrofuturist, Centrifuschia and Cosmopop.

 ^Here is a picture of swatches with flash. Top to bottom: Poisonberry, Glamour101, Retrofuturist, Centrifuschia and Cosmopop.

These colours go on very creamy and become opaque with two swipes. they do apply very smoothly and layers are not obvious. Cosmopop and Poisonberry are a slightly different consistency to the others so they are a little unforgiving compared to the others. Those two colours are a little more streaky and can cake if you apply too much.

Like I said in my first review, they don't last through a large meal especially if it involves ice cream, chocolate or some kind of greasy food. They do stay on through most drinks though and quick snacks. Both Poisonberry and Cosmopop tend to come off a little more quickly than the others. These lipsticks can leave a bit of a stain if worn all day. Most of the colours do appear quite creamy/glossy to begin with but they do dry out a little over the course of wear. Colours also bleed a little over the course of wear and look good with a nude lip pencil.

^This is taken with flash after I rubbed the colours off. As you can see they leave a stain.

^Here is Cosmopop. Picture taken with flash. 

^Here is Cosmopop. Picture taken without flash.

This is a pastel orange/peach. I think this colour has a sixties "nude lip" look. This colour doesn't last as long as the others or apply as easily and for that reason I don't wear it much. I also find that the colour is a bit pale. I have fairly pale skin and the colour only just looks dark enough for me too wear, so if you are not very daring and have tan/dark skin I would probably give it a miss.

^Here is Centrifuschia. Photo taken with flash.

^Here is Centrifuschia. Picture taken without.

The photo with flash is a more accurate representation of what this looks like in real life. The colour is a very bright purple-pink. It's kind of a medium tone lip colour. If you have really blue undertones in your skin this might make you look a little washed out. I have fairly sallow looking skin and this one seems to look okay on me.

^This is Retrofuturist. Picture taken with flash. 

^Retrofuturist without flash.

RETROFUTURIST: (sorry the pics are so messy!)
I LOVE this colour. It is a pinkish-red and it is quite a light red. I like this colour for a classy retro red.

^This is Glamour101. Taken with flash.

^This is Glamour101. Taken without flash.

This is a maroon/brick red with a hint of brown. I love this for a vintage daytime look. It's such a classic colour. This colour wears really well.

^Here is Poisonberry. This picture was taken with flash.

^This is Posinberry. Picture taken without flash.

This colour is a very dark purple with bluish tones. I suggest looking up swatches on google, because these didn't really photograph accurately. This colour can be a little difficult to apply as it is a bit more sheer than the rest and it can go a little streaky if you put on a few coats. It also comes off more quickly. I think this colour is great for people with dark skin tones. On me this colour is a little outrageous and probably not a colour that is suitable for the office. 

I have bought these from ModCloth, the LimeCrime website and the Crush Cosmetics websites before. There are plenty of other sites where you can get these, but just make sure you are getting the legit thing as there are counterfeit versions out there.

Overall, I absolutely adore these. I think these lipsticks are pretty good quality and the range of colours is unbelievable (seriously, if you want a  green lipstick they have it). These lipsticks are pretty long-lasting for how creamy they are and they are not drying like most lipsticks, which is perfect if you have dry lips. I would definitely recommend these to a friend.

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Google Connect has really been acting up on that front for a while, now. I often have to try and follow a sight three or four times now before it "clicks" and I don't get a "try again" error message, so you're not alone there, dear gal.

Thank you for this wonderfully detailed, engaging LC lipstick review post. You really picked a great range of hues to highlight and shine the (fittingly :)) lime light on. I think that Retrofuturist is my favourite, but I'd try a few others, too, given the chance.

♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

well at least I know I am not alone with that. Hopefully they fix it soon. I think Retrofuturist is definitely the best for a retro look :) I love the colour names too...