Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beauty Buys and Shameless Self Promotion

Pretty Please Check Out My Blog Darlings

Pretty Please Check Out My Blog Darlings by quirkichik on Polyvore

Hi guys,
I am totally buggin. You know how you finally get what you want, but some people are just out to wreck it and they won't give up? Well, I feel a little that way lately. I am also totally stressing over a few things I need to get finished and that I want to do. Even though I've scheduled so many posts for Facebook I can see my likes slowly dropping off. Please do yourselves a favor and check out The Facebook Page if you like what you see here. I try and post at least twice a day.

I am also a bit beauty crazed (still) to the point where I am waiting on new releases to make orders. Yes, I am curious about the new range of Velveteens on it's way and I am pro-longing my next order for 'Crush Cosmetics' until then. I just did another order for Sleek and I did an order for E.L.F the other day... I keep questioning whether I should change the status of this blog to "Beauty Blog", but then that wouldn't be right. It never has been a true "Book Blog" even though I have introduced it a few times that way. Books were the reason I started blogging, but I have never ever secluded my blog to just one subject and still my blog is the same. I've just prioritised the beauty aspect a little more is all.

Keep hanging in there guys. I've got some cool posts coming up soon I promise.

Your Favourite Blogger,


Jessica Cangiano said...

Personally, I really enjoy it when blogs, even if they center heavily around a specific topic or topics, mixes things up and covers a range of subjects. It's your blog after all, and you're free to post about whatever your heart desires anytime. Beauty, books, hauls, musings, it's all good! :)

♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Thanks :) I guess it's good as long as I stay interested and keep making decent posts. rather than if i soldiered on with posts i didn't really feel like writing :)