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Band Interview: Lunar Pacific

This is probably the most exciting post I've written in a while. This is my first ever interview on the blog. Yay I am interviewing a band! Okay, I will stop the jumping up and down part now... Lunar Pacific is a band I found out about through a Youtube channel I used to watch. The reason I'm using past tense here is because that Youtuber stopped posting for a while. Liz A is that Youtuber and now instead of playing covers on her channel she has started a new channel for her band where they play originals together. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Lunar Pacific!

 From Left to Right: Andrew, Josh and Liz

 Introduce yourselves. Who is Lunar Pacific?
[Liz]: Lunar Pacific is currently an alternative pop/punk trio based in Susquehanna, Pa. The band involves female vocalist, Elizabeth Acosta, age 20, Guitarist, Josh Petitte, 23, and drummer, Andrew Menichellli, 26.

 How did you guys meet?
[Liz]: Josh and I had known each other for a few years and have talked before about playing together. It wasn't until I started putting up covers on Youtube that he commented and said he had a buddy who played drums. We talked more about starting a band and we just got together one day, played some covers and have been jamming ever since!

[Josh]: Andrew and I actually worked together for a long time, we had always joked about playing in a band together. He had started taking lessons, the joking got a little serious, so I told him about the opportunity and he jumped on it.

[Andrew]: What Josh said haha, I've wanted to play with other people since I started taking lessons. I just went along with the ride with Josh.

 How long has Lunar Pacific been together?
[All]: We have been together since April 2013.

Cool name. Is there a story behind it?
[Liz]: The band was formerly named "Renegade" but Josh suggested a name that he'd came up with a while back. He asked us what we thought about "Lunar Pacific" and it just kind of stuck!

[Andrew]: It's the one I voted for.

What are your musical influences?
[Josh]: I grew up listening to a lot of Pop-Punk style stuff. A lot of Blink 182, New Found Glory, Motion City Soundtrack, etc. That's where my head is when I'm writing a guitar part or thinking of an idea for a new tune.

[Liz]: Exactly what Josh said. I grew up listening to a lot of 90's grunge and pop-punk but also a bunch of classic and psychedelic rock like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, whatever my dad had on cassette tape!

[Andrew]: I have a really bad taste in music, but I listen to everything from ska to jazz to classic rock.

I love your song 'What Are You Waiting For?'. What was the inspiration behind it?
[Liz]: "What Are You Waiting For?" means a lot to me. All through out high school and even after, I've always been the type of person who was less interested in reality and more into what I dream. The song is about someone who doesn't believe in you because they don't believe in themselves. They fail to see that anyone with enough determination and dedication can succeed in whatever they have passion for. It's about never backing down in the fear of others.

Who does the writing and whats your inspiration for writing?
[Liz]: Most of the lyrics are done by me but sometimes I have a hard time with song titles. That's where Josh usually comes in. He helps a lot though with lyrical structure and makes a song sound it's fullest. As far as inspiration goes. When I write, I usually set my mind back in time to a situation I've been in or a relationship with a friend or someone I was close to. A lot of inspiration comes from other bands and artists as well, like how they structure their songs and how they perform live.

Is your band focused on doing original songs only or do you have a few covers in mind as well?
[Liz]: We like to keep our mind open to covers but have found it's hard sometimes to stick with ones we like. Not that a song isn't good, we just either get bored or kind of forget! We're mostly an original band. We're always working on new songs and coming up with ideas for new lyrics.

[Josh]: It's one of those things that always gets talked about, but when we decide on what to play, there's a new original that takes our attention.

[Andrew]: Haha I just play what sounds good.

What are your plans for the future?
[All]: We plan on practicing a lot, recording an album (hopefully in the spring), and playing out as much as we can.

So, I hear you are looking for members. What are you  looking for and how can aspiring band members contact you?
[Josh]: Well, we actually JUST got in contact with a potential bass player and a potential guitarist. So we're going to try them out. If anybody is interested in trying out, they can email us at

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