Sunday, February 2, 2014

Update/Haul: Cyclones, Goals and some stuff I bought...

Hi guys,
I haven't done a haul/update since the 10th of January so I thought I might do another to keep you guys up to date. Yeah I know, I sound like a recovering blogger or something. I haven't been blogging all that much lately, but I am hoping to get back into some sort of routine after I finish achieving some non-reading goals (they are slowly etching closer) where I will get some books read and hopefully get some more beauty reviews up. I also might have another interesting blog post coming up too but I don't want to spoil it in case it doesn't eventuate.

We had a cyclone (hurricane) come through late Thursday / early Friday. These things always seem to happen when you would prefer to be sleeping. It only turned out to be minor and it knocked a few trees around here and there, but we were mainly just worried about the storm surge. We have lived in our house for more than ten years now (we = me and my parents) and when my mum was younger she used to live in the house across the road from us. We've never seen the storm surge that was predicted even though we've had cyclones before, but we've also never seen the tide come in as high as it did, so it had us a little worried.

^ here is a blurry picture taken from my front window on Thursday morning. Behind that fence you can see my neighbor's yard where the tide coming up. 

^Another pic taken from the front window on Thursday morning. You can see the tide coming into the yard of the house across the road.

^A close up my dad took of the tide coming up into the yard across the road. 

So yeah on Thursday night we were getting text messages from the local council telling us to evacuate because we were in the purple zone, but we were apprehensive about it because we had water over the end of the road and we didn't want to drive through it unless we really had to. They thought the storm surge would make the king tide the next morning so high as to inundate homes. Turns out there is a bit of a saying about that and that cyclones and king tides don't mix. The cyclone went south and the next day the tide wasn't even as high as it was the day before. There were a few houses and van parks affected near the beach where the road was blocked off by tide though. 

^I got Kate Nash's 'Girl Talk' Album on Vinyl. I also finally got her 'Made of Bricks' Album. Can you believe I haven't bought that until now. I seriously love the 'Made of Bricks' one. It's just so cute and quirky that I feel like I'm going to explode with happiness when I listen to it. I haven't played the record one much though because my family members strongly detest the sound. I already have her other album, you know the cute one with the collage looking cover. 

^yeah I mainly bought this because of the 'In The Air Tonight' song. Guilty as charged. Some of the instrumental stuff is really annoying though. This is so fun to hold up in front of your face. "Today Phil Collins is wearing a sundress" LOL I am such a child sometimes.

^Yeah I kind of bought all the seasons of Dawson's Creek. I'm about half way through the second season. I still have like three episodes of Sabrina left to watch though... This show it is kinda cheesy, but it's pretty entertaining too. No spoilers please in case you didn't already know I have not seen this show before.

^This here is the VHS movie of 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. Yes that's right. Movie! starring Ryan Reynolds as Harvey and pretty much everyone else is different except for Sabrina. I bought it off eBay and probably paid too much for it, but I just had to see it. 

^I bought a 'Sculpture Pin Curler' off of eBay. I am thinking about growing my hair and I was curious about these so I just. bought it. 

^I bought this e-book from Glamourdaze website. It's a bind-up of restored beauty guides from different eras. 

^I bought the 'Nail Candy' by Donne & Ginny Geer and 'Quick looks' by Rae Morris (beauty books). I am going to review these at some stage.

^I got these eye masks from cotton on. I didn't really need them, but there was a deal and I needed more stuff to get the free postage.

^This is the cute pic on the lid of the new tin box I got from cotton on. I am going to use it to house my nail art gear.

^My mum bought me this. Isn't she the best?

^I got these lights for cyclone season. You gotta have your book lights! I haven't tried out the one with the eyelashes yet.

I didn't include everything here, just the main stuff. 
How was your week?

Your Favourite Blogger,


pepsivanilla said...

I just watched all of Dawson's Creek for the 1st time. The cheese is part of the fun!

Wall-to-wall books said...

I love Phil Collins and "In The Air Tonight" is my favorite song by him! If it is ever on in the car, I turn the radio up full blast. Thats the only way to listen to it.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Oh my goodness, that is really frightening about the cyclone. Thank heavens that it didn't do too much property damage or hurt anyone. When we used to live in Toronto, we'd sometime get some crazy storms out that way, including some (rare) twisters. One time, through near solid sheets of rain, I saw one off in the distance for a few brief seconds and the memory of it will linger with me forever (sadly, we later learned it touched down and did take one life in the process).

What a fun haul! Those sleep masks are especially darling.

♥ Jessica

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

@pepsivanilla yep I'm starting to learn that. I think the cheese gives all of the characters this adorable dorky quality.

@Wall-to-wall books. It's definitely one of THOSE songs. like 'Baby Did a Bad Thing' by Chris Isaak. You can't help but turn it up and sing along. And, heaven forbid if you have to stop the song before it's over. LOL

@Jessica Cangiano. It definitely was a bit worrying. A few boats had a little damage and some people got sand and water through their beach huts, but that was pretty much it. What was worrying though, was that there weren't very many warnings in place for the tides that came up the morning before the cyclone. A lot of people were driving through the water and I don't think they should have been.
We usually get a dose of cyclones every couple of years in the early months, but the tides have never been that high before. Most of our town is either in storm surge area, river flood area or both. not much to choose from. I still love it though. kooky place that it is.