Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time for a Christmas Post Again

Last year, I was really prepared for Christmas. I had been working at a department store where decorations start to pop-up in October. I had been itching to do a Christmas post, because I could really feel the Christmas in the air (heck, I was pretty much breathing it in through the air at work) and the 1st of December seemed like the perfect time to write one. It is now the 17th of December and among other things, a Christmas post was just another to procrastinate about. I wanted to get excited this year, but there has been stuff to do and it seems Christmas has  arrived so quickly that I just don't feel like it that much.

There is going to be another Christmas dinner tonight and after trying to paint my nails three times, I have decided to make a last ditch effort to embrace Christmas and finally write a post about it. I thought I would share some of the things about the season that I will be embracing and recommend a few books/films for anyone interested. 

For me Christmas usually involves watching a heap of movies with my parents and indulging in a whole heap of bad foods. It's summer here so there will be lots of cold fizzy drinks and ice cream.  There is the possibility of playing some Wii games too (but that means I will need to clean the front room). I like to listen to a few Xmas tunes as well. We haven't put in as much effort to decorate as we usually would. There are solar lights on the Tree outside and we have a mini-tree set up inside with baubles and presents. 

Instead of making a list of all of the ways I could dress festive this year I thought I would just share a Pinterest Board I have created. I'm planning on embracing the glittery side to seasonal dressing and keeping it as classy as possible. I have a little bit of red, gold and green in my wardrobe, so dressing seasonal should be pretty easy.
^Here is a pic of our outdoor Christmas Tree. We have put a few more lights on it since taking this photo.

I have completely forgotten about my plan to finish off all of the Xmas Tea Towel Toppers that I started last Christmas. Usually I like to get a bit more crafty around Christmas. I did however manage to apply some nail-polish. The lacquer kept getting too thick and chipping so I ended up doing three attempts to get them right (and it was a pretty simple design really). I wouldn't have kept trying if my cuticles weren't stained dark green.

^here is a pic of my nails. 

-We've started drinking flavoured mineral water. Some of it tastes a lot like soft-drink except, not as many bubbles.
-Baked: Brownies, cookies, pudding, cake....
-Salt and Vinegar Chips (a major food group)
-Lolly pops
-We've been having lots of pizza at the moment and last night mum made cow-cakes.

I am going to miss the obvious Christmas themed movies here and just go for some feel good, fun movies.

-Mean Girls
-Disney Prom
-What a Girl Wants
-How To Steal a Million (I thought I might put this one in to honor the late Peter O'Toole)
-Sabrina (with Audrey Hepburn)
-How to Marry a Millionaire (watched it for the first time the other day, loved it)
-Serendipity (This one is a little bit Christmas-y. If you haven't seen it yet, you totally should)

^Here is a pic of my Christmas music. As you can see the Elvis one is still in plastic packaging.

- The Beach Boys Christmas Album (I have not listened to this one yet)
- The Elvis Christmas Album (Or this one)
-She & Him's Christmas Album (I just adore Zooey's voice)
- Some Norah Jones (because she's got that jazzy feel to her music)
-The Police (This is a new fad of mine and it's popular with pretty much everyone)
-Blondie (I've been neglecting my Blondie CD of Late)

I'm not going to be re-reading anything, because I've got two books on the go, but I thought I'd share a few fun reads that aren't necessarily Christmas reads, but do suit the season/messages of Christmas. If you click on the title you will be taken to the my review.

The Espressologist by Kristina Springer (Girl working as barista creates a match-making guide based on beverages that people drink, it becomes a promotional holiday event at her workplace and she may even get it to work for her...)

At Home With The Templetons by Monica McInerny (Childhood friends fall for each other, but a car accident and a lie keep them from each other...)

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson (Taylor hasn't been to her family's summer house since she was young. She is about to lose her father to cancer and they are going back to the summer house where she will have to face the people she hurt.)

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen (An aspiring artist who was burnt as a child, struggles to fit in and keep her friends happy. While she meets a boy who fits in perfectly, but is scared to stand out and be who he truly is)

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith (A boy and girl meet on a plane. One is going to a funeral, while the other is going to a wedding.)


I hope you all enjoyed my post and have a lovely Christmas!

Your Favourite Blogger,


Lauren @tear stained said...

I'm so not ready for Christmas! I haven't put any decorations up or done any shopping! whoopsies. I'm in need of Christmas inspiration so thanks :)

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Thanks:-) I havent gone too crazy with presents this year. Ive just bought some movies and sweets for my family :-)