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Beauty Review: Lime Crime Lip Velveteens

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I have been meaning to do this beauty review for a while now, so here it is. 

I heard about the lovely Lime Crime Lipsticks which I tried and loved through one of my favourite blogs. After reviewing the lipsticks, I decided to go back to the site for a look at what else they had that might interest me and I purchased one of these. I purchased another at a later date from Crush Cosmetics Website (but I only chose this store because they had a 20% off sale). I was hoping for two nice reds that would be long-lasting and matte.

The colour I am wearing in the above picture is the SUEDEBERRY shade and the colour I am wearing in the picture below is called RED VELVET. The Lip Velveteens are a liquid lipstick. You apply it like a gloss and it dries into a matte finish. It looks a little bit like face paint, but it doesn't crack as much.

Like other Lime Crime products, the Lip Velveteens have some seriously cute packaging. The lid has a unicorn on top (as shown above) and the other end has the name of the shade written on it. 'Lime Crime' and 'Velveteens' is written on the sides of the lid which has a pretty design also. It came in a pretty box which can be unfolded to reveal instructions for make-up removal. I see that they have since changed the packaging on the lids to rosettes (still cute).

These colours are pretty accurate with the pictures on the Lime Crime Website. My pictures don't really do the colours justice. The SUEDEBERRY colour is definitely more vivid in real life. SUEDEBERRY is a peachy-red or tangerine-red and RED VELVET is a darker deep red. If I were to compare these to the Lime Crime Lipsticks I would say that RED VELVET lies somewhere between Glamour101 and Retrofuturist, while SUEDEBERRY is lighter than Retrofuturist (more pink) and has a bit more orange in it. 

This liquid lipstick is accurately named as it looks velvety and matte.

If you don't have a steady hand, this product is not something I would recommend to you. It's the sort of product that stains a bit so if you mess-up it's going to be a pain to remove in a hurry. The applicator is a standard lip gloss wand as shown in the picture below. It only needs to be applied  in one or two coats for a vibrant colour.

The lip colour does stay on for a long time, except for when drinking or eating. This lipstick (like most) cannot withstand greasy foods and will need to be reapplied after eating. It only really comes off on the top part of the bottom lip. The only problem with reapplying is that it gets a bit difficult to reapply it after a while, because the product just won't stay after you've applied it that many times. I don't know why this is, but this is late in the afternoon after wearing the product all day and I know most people would probably choose this sort of product for a night-time event where you probably wouldn't need to reapply more than twice anyway.

This product is actually quite drying. I wouldn't use it on cracked lips and I would suggest using a nourishing lip balm after removing the product. 

While a bit of colour on the bottom lip will come off after eating something greasy, the rest of the Lip Velveteens will stay on and might stain your lips a little bit. You will need to use some cooking oil or make-up remover to remove the rest of the colour.

Overall, I really like this product. I think it gives a very classic look and I really like the colours. A pink velveteen has been released on the website, but I was hoping that they will keep on releasing new colours. I haven't purchased the pink yet, because I have something similar by another brand and I didn't want to duplicate. I would recommend this product to someone who wants a classy vibrant matte lip colour to wear on a night out.

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