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Introducing: Gilmore Girls Seasons 1-7

After I finished watching all seven seasons of the 'Gilmore Girls' television show I wanted to "introduce" the show to a few like-minded people out there that didn't watch it when it was on TV, but have thought the show was something that might be of interest to them. I guess this post will be a bit like a review, but I won't be rating it and I definitely won't be including spoilers. I bought all of the DVDs online in Australia and had them shipped to me, so I am guessing that they should still be easy to find in most countries. The Merch store is still selling T-shirts and mugs too...

The 'Gilmore Girls' written by Amy Sherman-Palladino is a series that consists of seven seasons and the first episode was aired in 2000. The series is about a single mother named Lorelai Gilmore who has a great relationship with her teenage daughter Rory. The bond between Lorelai and Rory is tested as Rory gets older, develops new relationships and goes away to college. Lorelai is also struggling to make her dream of owning her own Inn come true and she is dealing with her own relationships. 

Stars Hollow is a small fictional town where the two Gilmore Girls live. A large part of the story is played out in the small town, even when Rory goes off to college. The town has a lot of weird and wonderful traditions including a 24 hour dance marathon, a yearly war reenactment, a winter carnival and much more. The town has a very small population and most of the people there know the two Gilmore Girls and are like a family to them. 

The businesses that make the most screen time include 'Luke's Diner', the bookshop, 'Patti's' (a dancing, singing and acting school which doubles as a place to hold town meetings), 'Dosie's' (a supermarket) and the movie theatre. The Gilmore Girls also spend a bit of time hanging out in the Gazebo which is in the park across from Luke's. These businesses are all on Facebook and merchandise can be purchased for some of them online.  

Lorelai Gilmore: Played by Lauren Graham. Is a single mother who was pregnant at a young age. She is very witty and hasn't got a very good relationship with her parents. She has a quirky sense of style and she knows how to use a sewing machine. She is the manager at the Independence Inn and dreams of owning her own Inn. She has a serious caffeine addiction and she eats a lot of junk food.

Rory Gilmore: Played by Alexis Bledel. Is Lorelai's daughter. She shares Lorelai's love of caffeine and sugar. Rory is a straight A student and she dreams of going to an Ivy League College and getting a job as a foreign correspondent at a good newspaper. Her name is actually Lorelai too, but she gets called Rory. Rory doesn't seem to care that much about fashion early on in the show, but as the show progresses she shows more interest in fashion. 

Emily Gilmore: Emily is Lorelai's mother and Rory's Grandmother. She is a very stubborn woman and has a lot of high society friends. She is involved in the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and she does a lot dances and dinners for charity events. She is very opinionated and has trouble keeping maids (she fires them or they quit).

Richard Gilmore: Richard is the father of Lorelai and the Grandfather of Rory. He is a business man and he likes spending time down at the club playing golf. 

Christopher Hayden: Is not a Gilmore, but he doesn't live in Stars Hollow so I put him in this list. Christopher is Lorelai's Ex and Rory's dad. He has a motorcycle and never hangs around too long.

Kirk: Kirk is the town dork. He is a bit odd and he works at just about every business in Stars Hollow including the beauty place. 

Lane: Lane is Rory's best friend. Lane has a strict mum who is very religious. Lane has a secret love of rock music which she keeps hidden in the floor boards of her room. Lane is only supposed to date Korean boys.

Luke: Owns a Diner called 'Luke's'. He has a few anger management issues and is always arguing with town selectman Taylor Dosie.

Taylor Dosie: Is town selectman, owner of Dosie's market and a royal pain in the bum. He is a bit of a control freak and he causes problems for a lot of people in Stars Hollow.

Suki: Suki is Lorelai's closest friend. She loves to cook and she shares Lorelai's dream of owning an Inn. 

Michel: Is an angry french guy that works with Lorelai at the Independence Inn

Paris:  Paris is an academic student who shares Rory's dream of going to Harvard and despises her for it. She tries to make Rory's life difficult at school.

There are more characters, but I thought I would include the ones that got the most screen time.

This show is popular among critics for it's upbeat talking pace and witty dialogue. Lorelai is the most renowned for this. It definitely does ad to the humor of the show. 

-I really liked Lorelai's personality and the witty remarks she says.
-I liked that a bookworm was a main character.
-I liked the small town charm and all of the kooky events that took place there.
-I liked that both characters had goals to strive for.
-I liked the different messages and themes to do with love and family 
-I liked the clothes that Rory wore (especially in the last three seasons)
-I liked watching Luke get mad (hilarious)

-Rory was a bit down on one of the characters for choosing not to go to college and I didn't agree with her. 
-Both girls had very strong political opinions. I don't know American politics, but it's something that I don't appreciate in movies/shows.
-Lorelai was always donating to environmental activist groups. I know I'm not alone when I say that these groups aren't exactly saints and that they have affected a lot of people in a bad way.
-Lorelai was bad with money. I get that she wasn't exactly rich and didn't earn heaps of it, but she was always subscribing to things, donating to Greenpeace, spending money on take-out etc.

Overall, I really liked the show. It was a nice show with characters you can relate to, an interesting story-line and a few funny remarks here and there. There were definitely a few negatives, however they were pretty small in the scale of things and easily ignored. If you like small towns, books, quirky characters and caffeine then 'Gilmore Girls' could be the show for you. 

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