Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Haul

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a great Christmas. I have been debating whether or not to do a Christmas haul. There were a few things I wanted to show you, so I thought I might as well show you what I got for Christmas as well. We had a quiet Christmas day at home watching movies and playing with my Mum's new puppy (her present from Dad). One of Mum's friends came out for Christmas lunch at our house which was nice. My sister and her boyfriend came for dinner on Christmas Eve and we opened her presents then because she went on a camping trip for Christmas. The photos are all a bit mixed up, so I apologise for that.

^I got these books from various publishers. I didn't request any of them. I've actually been trying not to request anything for a while now because I have such a large TBR pile. The graphic novel should be quick to get through. I thought about getting the first vampire academy graphic novel, but because I've read the series I am pretty sure that I should be able to catch on to VOL 2. 

^Here are two records I got. I bought 'The Beach Boys Greatest Hits' on Ebay and a Facebook friend doubled up on Carly Simon's 'Come Upstairs' LP so she decided to give it to me. 

^Here is a cute notebook I got from my boss. It came in the pretty box sown in the picture. I think it may be my journal for 2014 (my other journal is a complete mish-mash of blog post ideas, obscure shopping lists and guitar chords among a few actual entries).

^I bought the lip sunglasses online. They are a dark translucent pink colour (if it's hard to tell in the photo. For Christmas my sister got me the black sunnies (which are chunkier than anything I already own, as well as a couple of Avon lip balms (grapefruit flavor pictured), a smooth minerals eye shadow (which is a very pretty sparkly nude colour), a double ended eye shadow brush (Avon) and an Avon lipstick in a nude/gold colour (I already have a few of these and have been meaning to do a review on them). I am seriously running out of room to store my shades and thought that a completely clear set of acrylic drawers would be a good idea. I can't seem to find these in a large enough size though, so if you do come across anything that might be suitable feel free to share the link with me in the comments. 

^My sister also got me a blue mascara. I am pretty keen to try out a purple one too, but I'm not sure where I will find one. I know Sleek has one, but I've already done up a Sleek order and forgot to include it. 

^My Mum bought me Mariah Carey's 'Luscious Pink' perfume and my sister bought me this cute Minnie Mouse perfume. I have 'M' by Mariah Carey already and I like 'Luscious Pink' just as much.

^I have already posted this picture to the Facebook page. Except for the upside-down ice cream cones on the left, all of the nail colours in the stand are ones that I had before Christmas. The colours laying down in front of the stand are all new. I have a few others that I had bought myself that wouldn't fit in the stand, so I have ordered a second stand and a few more nail colours (you know, because I am going to have a bit of room in this stand).

^I bought these colours today. The red is one that I already own and am replacing because, gluggy.

^I got some battery operated nail driers from Mum. Good present for me because I am so impatient with waiting for layers to dry.

^I got this pretty cushion of my Grandad.

I got this cardboard storage box (that looks like a hat box) from my Grandad also.

^The bookworm is from Mum and the Mickey and Minnie glitter/snow globes are from my sister.

^Everything above is from my mum except for the owl bracelet and the butterfly set (there is a matching necklace) which is from my aunt.

^Check out these cute Christmas bags I got my Xmas gifts in. 

^Here are some soft toys I got. The Minnie with the glasses was from my sister and everything else was from Mum.

^So I'm guessing by now you've figured out that I have a Minnie Obsession. I also got an Elvis cooler and a babushka cup. My mum gave me the UNO cards (which I haven't played in ages) and everything else is from my sister.

^I got these bath and beauty sets from Mum. I may not be able to use the products because of my sensitive skin, but I really like the bathtub container and the retro beauty case.

^My sister gave me this cute canvas and my mum got me this fairy egg. You put the egg in water and watch it hatch. I've always wanted to try one of these.

^I painted Mum's nails with this gradient chevron design with my new lacquers.

^I painted my own nails in a Santa belt design. My nails are clean now, I am planning to try out some fireworks for new years. 

^The new puppy chewing on a gift bag. 

I went a bit crazy online with all of the boxing day sales and I did order a bit of stuff before Christmas, so I am expending a huge shipment of make-up and clothes in the mail. I also went on and purchased a few things I wanted off of eBay and from Fishpond that I didn't buy before Christmas, just in case. Xmas is never anything like you expect it to be and the presents are never things that you expected to get (except for the few you might have picked out) and that's what I love about Christmas. I love not knowing what you are going to get and having something picked out for you that you wouldn't have bought yourself. 

I hope you all enjoyed the post. What did you get for Christmas this year?

Your Favourite Blogger,

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