Sunday, April 29, 2012

About Me

1. I'm partial to small towns. The lack of great shops, educational resources and fun things to do (not involving alcohol) bothers me, but I love them because of their magical quality. Yes, I may have read too many Sarah Addison Allen novels... The thing is, as much as I hate this town I'll never leave it and if I do I'll go somewhere equally small.

2.I'm not overly religious. A non-practicing christian I guess? I don't go to church. I believe there is some kind of creator, but I'm not super sure about who that is. And, I'm not into judging other peoples religions unless things like chauvinism comes into it.

3. Also a feminist. I guess there are all different kinds of feminist. Basically, I believe that women should be able to get whatever job they want, be able to choose whether or not they want to have kids, be able to have short hair if they want... etc. I'm not a big fan of women being overly provocative, because I'm not like that and I think it shows low self value, but in saying that if a man wants to criticize a woman for being sexual than he should be criticized as well.

4. I think old cars are pretty cool. I don't know heaps about them or anything, but I think they are really cool.

5. I work in the office at a farm.

6. I have way too many hobbies

7. Maths was my favourite subject in high-school until I discovered quadradics, and then I discovered art...

8. I am a bit of a coward. I don't really like spiders or snakes or needles or doctors or even vegetables...

9. I am shy and anti-social

10. I get told often that I was born in the wrong era. Yay me

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