Saturday, April 28, 2012

Style: Keeping things interesting

5 things that you can purchase to help mix things up in the wardrobe department.

I came across this idea when I was planning another blog post. I was thinking about the things in my wardrobe that I have absolutely flogged. To me, items that get a lot of wear are good value for money. When you aren't really sure about what it is you should be buying when you buy clothes, maybe you should look back on those articles of clothing you wore until they were holey, shrunk in the wash and/or discoloured beyond belief. What was it about that shirt that made it so wearable?

If we bought clothes that we knew we were going to wear this much, instead of buying other garments we rarely wear we might not only save money (because, you'll obviously decide to replace the things you never wear with more things you'll never wear and so on), but it also makes for a more interesting wardrobe. E.g. you're less likely to be recognised by friends or family in crowded places because of your t shirt (which lets face it is probably more like a uniform). Also, I noticed when I was jotting down some ideas, that most of the items I selected were the anti-basics; a new term I have come up with to describe essential wardrobe items which are in fact, not basic.

While the type of clothes that I'm normally attracted to is of the vintage, sartorialist or dorky variety I don't want to limit this blog to just that. I have decided to write this post in a such a way that, no matter what your style orientation is, it can still be of use.


Whether it be a reference (to a band, novel or film), a dictionary meaning, a saying, a cute artwork  or something applique'd, a t shirt is a fun and comfortable way to change-up your wardrobe.
- T shirts can be dressed-up or down, depending on what you pair them with. E.g.  tucking a shirt into a high waisted maxi skirt and teaming it with a blazer gives it a classier edge than say a pair of denim shorts and trainers.
- Pick the fit that suits you most. I prefer a looser fit. Also, you can purchase things like tank tops, sweaters and tube dresses with similar prints etc to T-shirts. E.g. you can now purchase band tube-dresses.
-According to Sexy Nerd Girl (Youtube) , T-shirts can be a great way for people to express themselves and start up conversations with other fans etc.
-Also according to Sexy Nerd Girl (Youtube), you should be aware that wearing a fan shirt may require knowing things about your chosen fandom.
-Apparently great T-shirts can be found in online stores. I haven't come across any great ones lately, but if you know any please feel free to leave a link in the comments.
-Chain stores often sell a range of nice T-shirts.

Jewellery is something that dresses-up outfits. And, not just any jewellery. It needs to be the right jewellery.
-Junk jewellery is a very important part of 21st century fashion. Now also a way of expressing your fandom (through cameo necklaces and such), the range of jewellery available has become quite varied.You can purchase telephone box earrings, spider rings, octopus necklaces, beaded bracelets, colourful resin brooches.... The possibilities are now endless. is a great place for purchasing jewellery. Please note that like ebay, each store charges postage individually. So, it may pay to try and find one or two stores that you like and purchase most of your jewellery through there.

It could be polka-dotted, stripey, ditsy print, stars, geometric... I find that patterned skirts allow for a lot of different colours to b matched up with them.
-Pretty typical op-shop find. Especially the elastic waist, floral variety.
-Online stores like also have heaps of options for sale at decent prices.

To me, lipstick generally finishes off my look. I feel naked without it if I'm going out. If you're not into lipstick, maybe nail polish or eyeliner is more of your thing?
-Usually available at your local pharmacy. Mine stocks a cheaper no name brand, that lasts just as long as the more expensive ones and has a larger, more abstract variety of colours available.
-I'm becoming a lipstick collector. So far I've got: Black, mauve, brown, purple, dark red, bright red, coral, bright pink, dark pink, orange...

I'm talking socks, footless tights and stockings.
- These things are both cheap and necessary. I'm always losing socks, getting ladders in my stockings and hate wearing socks when you can see that they have aged to the point where they are growing fluff-balls.

Sooo, what do you think? Helpful? I'm thinking about doing a "five things that..." segment on fashion.

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Wall-to-wall books said...

LOVE T-shirts! I actually collect them. I have so many t-shirts I could prob supply enough for a small 3rd would country.
Every where I go I buy a t-shirt.

Wall-to-wall books said...

I meant 3rd WORLD*

Morgan said...

good ideas, i really want some cool jewellery at the moment and i think i shall go thrifting! great staple ideas

Anna said...

good post.
i good online shop for t-shirts is Qwertee. they have on design available for 48hours (or something like that), then it changes. they're really cheap because they only ever have one avaliable.