Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update: I'm disappearing again...

Hi guys,

Sorry if I'm disappointing you with my lack of posts so far this week. I'm actually not going to be writing on here until probably sometime next week. I do have plenty of posts and stuff planned I really do. And, I was going to rant on about a few other things while I was here.

So... I'm going camping this weekend. It's the long weekend so I'm going on this fishing/camping trip with my dad. At one point it was an annual thing and my sister used to come along and bring one of her buddies, but she's going to be out of town with her boyfriend. Apparently it's surprising that I would go to this sort of thing. I don't like touching bait or anything, but I still like going. The breakfast dad cooks is awesome. And, other people go too.

I was going to do Top Tuesday this week, but... I think I have done that one before. And, frankly I do not think I want some of the books I've read to get movied. Twilight anyone?

I'm getting a bit behind on not just my blogging, but my reading. I had a horrible headache, I felt faint at one point, I had an irresistible urge to paint at one point... I'm not joking. Goodreads is telling me that I'm 2 books behind my goal and I think it's being generous. I've got heaps of Ideas for all different kinds of book blogging and non-book blogging related things, but can't seem to attempt.

Something I've been thinking about alot:
I hate seeing guys post on facebook about how some girl put them in "the friend zone" . Did you ever think that:

1. boys aren't the only ones that get zoned.
2. They can't even be thankful for friendship, which makes me think they only cared about one thing.
3. It isn't always girls who put you in the zone. Some guys do a pretty good job of that themselves.
4. Some relationships actually stem from friendships. I think it requires patience?
5. Did you ever actually reveal your feelings?
Food for thought...
If you are a genuine nice guy that got zoned for all the wrong reasons I feel sorry for you. and then I think, why don't you go ask someone nice out for a change...

Also, some people who claim they are really different and whatever sometimes just seem to be another kind of prototype.

Okay. I'm gonna go. Look forward to some decent fashion posts and hopefully some book reviews next wednesday-ish? Don't bet your life on it though.

Your Favourite Blogger,

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