Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update: I haven't written anything on here since Tuesday...

SO... I noticed I haven't written anything since about Tuesday. Sad isn't it. I could have finished two books by now and written reviews if I put my mind to it, but I didn't and instead I've got a pretty good explanation/rant/I feel like going off on a tangent...

What is it exactly that I have been wasting my time on this week I wonder? I've been busying my self with Vampire Diaries Season 2. I've also been testing out the different flavours of thick shake at work, ruining my chances of ever getting my dream job, attempting to make fingerwaves with my new knock off ghd, convincing mum to order the Vampire Accademy series, trying to organise social activities with long lost friends and failing to make decent looking christmas decorations. If I haven't boored you enough I'll Elaborate.

Vampire Diaries Season 2. There were wolves, new vampires, deaths and cliffhangers. All to be expected, but then again unexpected because you never know who will die next. I have noticed though that there are certain people that just never seem to die. Like Stefan. I really would apreciate it if he died. Sadistic, Huh? I am definitely a Damon Salvatore fan...

Anyway, this season has definitely left me hungry for more. Wtf is going on with Jeremy? Shh don't tell me that was rhetorical. And Tyler's new hair do makes him look really hot. I'm so sad about Jenna though. I'm kinda hoping she unearths herself and becomes some kind of vampire zombie.

Yep I bought a knock off ghd. No warranty available, but around 1/3 of the price and works as good. I've seen a few tutorials on making finger waves and curls with straighteners on youtube and have been attempting this. My hair is so thick and short that it just puffs out like some sort of afro.

Lately I've been trying to make collage christmas decorations which is pretty much magazine cutouts glued onto a styrafoam ball. Did not turn out well. pictures crinkled when glued because surface was not flat. I'm thinking i might just try something fancy with ribbon or croched flowers instead.

And, Lastly may I note that I am definitely not the person that you want to be asking for tips on how to do well in a job interview. I really don't make good impressions. I think about it so much in my head and then freak out and forget what i'm supposed to say. I am a babbling idiot.

I know you probably don't want to read this. It is terribly selfish and an uninteresting thing to post. But I haven't had any friends talk to me properly in a while and my parents are probably sick of me blabbering. I guess I should get my self a cute journal to write in, but I always worry that I'll ruin a good journal by writing something stupid or messy. So yeah that is why I haven't written a review or article in a while. Don't worry I should have a review up on here by atleast Wednesday. I've been reading Brenna Yovanoff's 'Smoulder' also known as 'The Space Between' and it is very good.

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