Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top ten Tuesday: Authors I'd want at my thanksgiving ummm christmas dinner.


yeah we don't really have Thanksgiving in Australia. Meme: here

1. Sarah Addison Allen
Her books are absolutely magical.

2. M.J Hearle
This author not only commented on my review of his books, but other reviews for books by other authors which is really cool. He also seems to know his stuff and I bet he'd be fun to talk to when it comes to novels.

3.J.K Rowling
She invented the world of wizards which I'm sure enters my mind at least once a day.

4.Sylvia Plath
Yes I know that she's dead, but you have to admit that she is awesome. We'll just have to take all the present day authors into the time travelling elevator and eat dinner in the 50's.

5.F Scott Fitzgerald.
I have only read the one book "The great gatsby", but I like alot of his quotes on goodreads. The man is awesome.

6.Alice hoffman
Another "Magical" author. I'd love to get inside her head and find out where she gets all her crazy-amazing ideas.

7.Kate Morton
A Wonderful Australian author that writes the most beautiful descriptions ever.

8.Ann Brashares
I would love to find out whether 'My name is memory' is really going to have a sequel or whether it's just a rumour.

9. Stephanie Meyer
I know you are all rolling your eyes at me. I just want to get the scoop on the next book in 'The Host's series.

10.Libba Bray
What a card? In the information on her website she informs readers that she enjoys putting her glass eye into other peoples drinks in order to creep them out!

If I could invite anyone else?
Erin Morgenstern, Charlotte Bronte, Melissa Marr, L.J Smith (She did invent damon Salvatore), Jane Austen, Vanessa Diffenbaugh, Frances Hodgeson Burnett, Melina Marchetta... The list is endless.

Your Favourite Blogger,


We Fancy Books said...

Rowling and Bray totally! lovely picks for your guests :)

Jay @ We Fancy Books

Anonymous said...

Sarah Addison Allen is an awesome choice! Love her books.

rachelkiwi said...

almost invited addison allen. love her too! i invited meyer for the same reasons, more like the host, please!

Anonymous said...

You can't have Auten an dBronte - they're coming to MY dinner party! ;)
Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your list, especially the addition of Alice, F. Scott, and Kate! Sounds like a fun time!
Have a great Tuesday!

Trish said...

I would Sylvia and F. Scott sitting at either side of me. What a conversation the three of us would have!

Morgan said...

It would be amazing to ask those annoying questions you always wonder about their books! Wow, fab