Monday, November 28, 2011

Style Crush: Vampire Fashion

So as you know I've been watching Vampire Diaries of late. I have fallen in love with the show as well as the style of the characters. One in particular a miss Caroline Forbes also has great style. Another character in another production -Alice Cullen from Twilight- also has killer style. No pun intended.
In this entry i don't want to show you how to dress in some gothic vampire fashion. I just want to show you ways that you can incorporate elements of vampire glam into your current wardrobe. I find that the goth vampire look that many magazines portray in their fashion spreads to be a bit off and cliquey. Since when did Rosalie Hale wear a black lace choker and full-on black smokey eye?

I'm talking pocket watches, lockets, chunky stone rings, big crest pendants... I got this idea from the pocket watch on Vampire diaries that they use to find Vampires, The vervain lockets, the sunlight rings, Bella's engagement ring on Eclipse and the cullen crest that each cullen seems to wear on the twilight films.

On Vampire Diaries Damon had both Caroline and Andy donning scarves to cover up their wounds. I liked to see the comeback of the scarf .

I'd be going for darker shades. You can go bright I-Just-Fed Red lips or for a darker I'm-too-far-dead shade like purple or black. I find that the darker, brownier reads are more flattering and longer lasting.

This one might seem a bit random, but haven't you noticed that Katerina Petrova's hair is curled while Elana Gilbert's hair is straight. Kristen Stewart's hair is pretty much straight in twilight as well. While Rosalie and Jasper's hair is wavy. In Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes has distinctive vampire and pre-vampire hair. The Vampire hair being more wavy of course. So this is the time to experiment with curls and waves.

No I'm not going goth trend on you. you  don't necessarily need combat boots. I've noticed that the characters in these productions tend to wear some form of closed in or lace up shoes such as boots the majority of the time because it's either cold and miserable or they are going out into the Forest.
If in doubt stick to the basics. Things like denim, black tights, floral mini skirts, layered tanks. I find though that the few little touches added go well with most outfits. They don't all need to be worn at once. Depending on what you are wearing you may only need one or two pieces to get that vampire feel to your outfit. If your outfit still doesn't satisfy you add some more black or another darker colour. Remember though you are not aiming for a gothic look, but rather a vampiric look.

So what are you waiting for? Have fun and get vamped up.
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