Saturday, December 12, 2015

Summer Days

Hi Everyone,
If you have been following my blog for a while you might remember a post called 'In The Summertime' where I shared a list of things I was looking forward to over the summer holidays. I thought I might write something similar again. I have been neglecting my blog a bit and I thought this might be a way to ease into writing more frequently. For those who don't already know it is Summer in Australia at the moment and I am definitely prefer this kind of climate as I can be a bit of a "cold frog" in the cooler months.

Here are some things that I am planning on doing or have already been enjoying so far this summer:

Walking along the park/beach/jetty is my new thing. Where I live there are a lot of nice beaches to choose from.

I've started spending more time dancing outside. I'm not too focused on choreographing a whole routine anymore. I just like mucking about and improvising. 

I have been collecting a lot of quotes and sayings on Pinterest lately. I love how someone can say something so wise and thought provoking in such a beautiful, yet concise manner. I could write a lengthy essay about some of these quotes and what they mean to me. I am also amazed at how timeless some quotes are.

I recently went on a trip to a nearby city and purchased an illustrated version of 'The Great Gatsby', a book about art deco illustrations and an Art Deco colouring book. I love the shapes and colours of Art from the 1910s through to the 1930s. While my own drawing/painting style is not this cool, I do find that It is heavily inspired by art deco artists. 

I haven't read much yet this holidays (I wanted to write some book reviews for  other novels I've read, before I start anything new) but I was hoping to crack open another one of my birthday books before the year ends. 

I have started playing a couple of covers on my neglected guitar again. Unfortunately one of my cables for my electric guitar has died, so I can't play anything with pedals at the moment.

I've been hiring movies again. This is something that I haven't really done for a while as I usually just buy them. So far I have really enjoyed watching 'The Waitress', 'DUFF' (Book Review/Book Movie Comparison promised), 'The Longest Ride', 'Jenny's Wedding', 'Aloha' and 'Silver Linings Playbook' were all really enjoyable. When the weather is hot and you don't have a lot of energy, there isn't really much else to do.

Since I have been on holidays from work I've been experimenting with my make-up everyday. It has been fun to play with new ideas, metallic shades and bolder colours than I usually would. I've been getting inspired by pictures from pinterest and from different looks I have seen on movies. 

While I love nail stamping, I have been getting inspired by some simpler nail designs I've seen. I really want to try something Like this^ for the holidays.

With short hair, you're really supposed to get it cut every 5-6 weeks, but due to bad scheduling my last hair cut lasted a lot longer than that and resulted in me cutting little chunks out of the back  and pin curling the front and sides. I'm not quite at that stage yet, but with Xmas and New Years coming up (and my hairdresser most likely being on holidays or getting booked out) I know this phase is coming up, And, I am actually looking forward to it. I really like the way that 1950s models Dovima and Jean Patchett styled their hair when it was shorter, so it is fun to play around with it and try to create those looks. I also dyed my hair recently. It's a Napro colour called 'Rosewood Violet' and I love it, but I know with all my styling products and afternoon walks it will possibly fade to a brassy colour quite quickly. 

Style-wise I have really enjoyed wearing black, which is probably not the best idea in summer... I think sometimes you just can't beat black. I have been trying to keep things a bit more simple by pairing a lot of black in with my outfits. 

I've been inspired by Alexa Chung's simple and feminine style this summer. I tend to overdress and I still intend to be glamorous every opportunity I get (supermarkets, video stores...)  however, I am slowly learning how to tone it down even if just a little. I may even consider doing a post about this new style philosophy of mine. Something like "How to look Glam on short notice" or "How to be casual and glamorous". Let me know what you think? I'm sure people still think I look ridiculous and OTT anyway, but each to their own. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading what I have been up to/ am looking forward to so far this summer. I hope my blog won't seem to repetitive once I get around to writing my summer favourites in a couple of months. Do you have anything planned for the summer/winter? Let me know your favourite thing about the current season in the comments.

I am hoping to do something for new years, though I am not quite sure what yet. As you may have guessed from reading other previous posts of mine I am kind of back to square one with the whole social life thing. I usually just spend new years on the couch at home, but I think I would like to dress up and go out somewhere for a change... 

I also made some new pinterest boards. If you are interested click on them below:
Classic Summers - style inspiration for summer
Keep Your Heart on The Inside - Musings about life

If you would like to view the original image source of a picture, just click on the small sun underneath said picture.

Do you have any plans for New Years or Christmas?

Your Favourite Blogger,


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

very pretty images and very relaxing (for me Addams family shot is relaxing you know)
thanks for sharing

Inside and Outside Blog
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Jessica Cangiano said...

Black is such a happy colour. Okay, okay, I know that I am, and will forever (happily) be a goth girl at heart, but me it celebrate the expansiveness of everything, goes with virtually every other colour, and is always chic. What's not to adore?

Terrific post, sweet dear. I always love hearing about what's been transpiring in your life lately and getting to live different seasons vicariously through your wonderful blog.

Tons of hugs & happy holiday season wishes!
♥ Jessica