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Dress-up Ideas for Halloween and other Costume Parties

Hi Everyone,
So Halloween is approaching and I thought I might share some dress-up ideas with you all. I am not really one for Halloween myself as I am a scaredy cat and it was never something I celebrated as a child (the tradition has only really started to infiltrate into Australian culture in the last couple of years). I find most Halloween costume ideas to be downright creepy or gruesome which I am not into. So I thought I would share some ideas for people like me who don't want to don the fake blood.

I also thought that this may possibly be one of the only posts I will right on the subject of costumes so I am going to try and put as many ideas in there as possible. I think these ideas could be cute for any costume party and I tried to make sure I included ideas for vintage enthusiasts and avid readers. Obviously if you want people to be able to figure out what you are dressed up as you may have to find a costume idea that is a bit cliche. I once went to (the only costume party I went to since I turned 18) as Ruby Gloom and only two people knew who that was... Trust me if you dress up as some lesser known 50s actress or Indie fantasy character you will spend the entire night explaining it.

Some people find children, cartoons and plush toys to be utterly terrifying. Actually no, I just made that up. I think these ideas are super cute though and I wanted to make an excuse as to why people can dress up as a cartoon for Halloween.

Lauren Conrad looking super cute as Minnie Mouse. 
To dress as Minnie Mouse I suggest: Bobby-socks, Polka-dot skirt, A Bow, Minnie ears (or hair tied into buns), a black nose and lipstick or lip gloss. 

It's Betty Boop! This pic looks a little photo shopped though.
To get the Betty Boop look I suggest: A short pixie-cut style wig (or short-bobbed length hair finer waved or gelled back), Red lipstick and a black/red dress. There are some really intense Betty Boop make-up looks on youtube if you want to have a try at a really authentic Betty costume.

Daphne and Velma. I know that they are dolls, but I really like this version of their outfits...
To dress as Daphne: Back-combed 60s style hair with a head scarf/alice-band, A 60s style shift dress (or a long sweater and matching mini skirt), And, an air hostess style scarf in a neon colour.

For the Velma look: Nerd glasses, a bobbed wig, a cardigan/sweater (in autumn colours), a plaid skirt, matching socks/shoes.

I already shared this one on Facebook. This would be cute for Christmas too.
Deer costume: This make-up look, sticks/antlers, fawny coloured garments or whatever garments you would prefer. 

Now this is scary. Not only was the 90s like twenty years ago (what time lord made that happen?), but it also is coming back into fashion already...

Here's a pic of the spice girls dressed as each other. Girl Power! 
Baby spice: A short dress (in a pastel colour or girly print), A blonde wig (or hair pulled into plaits/.pig tails), light pink lippy and a lollipop/teddy bear.
Scary spice: Crimp your hair (and put the top half in pig-tails), animal print outfit and platform shoes.
Ginger Spice: Red wig (or hair out and curly), outfit consisting of black or red (or the union jack) and some red lipstick.
Posh spice: A black mini dress, smoky eye shadow and a bobbed wig.
Sporty spice: A high pony-tail and a tracksuit.
I think this would be a fun costume idea for a group of friends. You can get heaps of ideas on pinterest.

Gwen Stefani from NoDoubt in her quirky nineties look. 
To get the look: Pull hair up into little buns, wear face jewels (usually a diamante on the forehead or a few above the brows), wear maroon lipstick, wear a cropped top and a tribal maxi skirt. You can also try dying or spraying your hair a blue or pink colour (as Gwen has had her hair dyed those colours in the 90s).

Ok, so this is definitely closer to the 00's... Brittany Spears in 'Baby One More Time' music video.
For the costume: A pleated skirt, a collared shirt, pigtails with fluffy scrunchies and trainers. 

I know these are all lady costumes anyway (sorry boys), but THESE women in particular are super famous (or infamous) for their roles in history. These are also super appropriate for Halloween because these women are all dead (and you could zombiefy it if you really wanted to).

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette. You could also choose to just dress generic 18th century or 19th century. 
To Get The Look: A wig (or curl and style your hair under a hat like in the photo), A frilly long sleeve top, a long skirt (you can create a bit of puff with a petti coat), court shoes (or mules, or slippers), rouged cheeks and stained lips.
If you want to wear a very accurate costume it could cost you a lot of money.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. 
To get the look: A wig (or a plaited hair style with gold beads), Egyptian eye make-up, gold cuffs, big earrings, A dress as referenced via pinterest (could be gold satin, black fringing or white) and some sandals. You could also have a fake snake in a basket to scare people with. hehe

Amelia Earhart. If you do not know who this woman is, google the name NOW. 
To get the look: Aviation cap, goggles, a collared long sleeve shirt with applique, long trousers and lace up shoes.  I suppose she might have worn gloves as well, but those could be a bit annoying to wear.

These women are the most iconic of their time and the looks are probably the most recognizable. Regardless of whether or not you are into vintage fashion you would probably agree that these looks are iconic. 

Marilyn Monroe.
The Costume: A Wig (or hair curled into a faux bob), orange-red lipstick, a costume from one of her films (pink or white dress would be the most obvious choice) and appropriate jewellery. 

Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'
The look: Hair in updo with tiara/hat, pearl necklace, black dress and cigarette holder.

Jackie Kennedy.
The look: A matching skirt/suit, a pill box hat in matching colour, a bobbed wig, pearl necklace and earrings.

Obviously not everyone reads, so I tried to make these as obvious as possible. I chose books that had been made into film.

Hermione Granger from 'Harry Potter'.
The look: A collared shirt with a maroon tie, a pleated skirt, black shoes and messy hair. You could also carry a wand.

A Twilight Character of choice.
The outfit: Something chic in a dark colour, an antique pendant of some kind (the cullen crest) and super pale glittery skin. If you are into it you could also wear contacts.

A Shadow Hunter
The look: a fake sword strapped to your body, black clothes and rune markings.

If you are on a budget I suggest going for looks that don't require a wig (where the hair is in a similar style to yours) and that require items that you mostly already have in your wardrobe. If you do have to buy a piece try to buy something that can be reused for another costume later on. A pleated skirt for example can be used for a the Hermione, Brittany and Velma costumes. 

I hope that at least some of these ideas are helpful and that you all have a wonderful Halloween whether you choose to celebrate it or not. 

Your Favourite Blogger,

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Terrific ideas! Unlike most years, I don't have my costume nailed down yet or really even any concrete ideas. Too busy and too much on my mind, I'm afraid, but I always strive to be suitably costumed come All Hallows Eve, and am sure this year will be no exception. :)

It's very interesting to me - and is something I've encountered many times over the years with folks outside of North America - that Halloween is often viewed through the horror movie lens almost exclusively. There is certainly a macabre element to the day and plenty of folks here go to town on all things scary.

There is that side to the day, yes, but there's also the fun, sweet side (think It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown) and the kitschy, campy one, too. I tend to prefer those - with just a hint of eeriness - myself and have always celebrated with them in mind when my favourite holiday (and second favourite day of the year, trumped only by my wedding anniversary) rolls around.

If you opt to dress up this year, I hope you have a fabulously fun time, dear gal.

Your fellow upbeat Halloween loving friend,