Saturday, May 25, 2013

Haul/Update: Purchases from last week

The cool weather has slowly been creeping along, but yesterday, last night and today it has been intense. It's like there's only a slight cool breeze and then it's like BAM hello winter (even though it's not technically winter till late next week). And, It's not like it ever snows or gets below zero where I live but for me it feels like the weather has been freakishly cold and I have spent most of the day on the couch watching TV/movies.

As far as things go for the haul, I've only got one book to show you (well, one fiction book anyway) and a few other random bits and pieces. I finally bought an adapter for my guitar pedals today (hopefully it's the right one) though I did an online order so I won't get to play them for a while :(

'The School of Good and Evil' by Soman Chainani
-This is from Netgalley. It looked so cute that I could not resist. 


^I got a 'Pocket Guitar Chord Dictionary' which has all the information I wanted to try and make new chords and to play tabs. Next to that are some Marshall pedals. A Bluesbreaker and a Govn'r (I will explain more about these shortly). I got some nail polish, our local Target sells a 'Sinful Colours' brand. I also got some more bright coloured tights (and jeggings, though those aren't pictured). And, I got some hair chalk to try (this one washes out). I also bought some cute houdstooth stockings which I forgot to take a picture of so maybe I'll show you next week?)

I've had a few people asking me about guitar pedals since I said that I bought them or since I complained about the fact that they didn't have leads (or that my local electrical store could not help me get leads). I have not used guitar pedals before. Basically, guitar pedals allow the guitarist to customise the sound of the guitar. In the same way that a guitarist can use an Amplifier's controls (and guitar controls) to create a more grungy or distorted sound. Guitar pedals offer an extra feature with customizing sound though, as they are a more specified sound. For example, the Bluesbreaker pedal is supposed to have a more blues sound, And there is such a thing as a wah pedal that makes a Wah Wah Wah sound when you play it. 

^I received two CDs in the mail and I bought one DVD. I got Abbe May's new album, She&Him's new album and 'Snow White and The Huntsman'.

^Look at how big my nail polish collection is getting!

^This is my new handbag. Dark red again. I really liked my other one, but the PVC started tearing in some places so I thought I better get a new bag before it broke on me.

^My sparkly nail polish and pretty jeggings. The nail polish looked dark purple in the bottle... 

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