Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Challenge of Dressing Well

Sometimes the world of style can seem like a scary place to be. Whether you follow the trends or your dress sense is inspired by something else, it's easy to fall into the trap of buying something you'll never wear or wearing something you wish you'd never put on. And, there are times where you'll be annoyed at yourself for wearing the "safe" option because you couldn't be bothered to put an outfit together.

Even the well-dressed women in magazines, blogs and boutiques have their safe outfits. They recycle their leopard print and their black dresses. Some of them stray from embellishments and sparingly wear bright shades, while others may brave the clash of prints only to regret it later. You are not  alone.

My problem is that there seems to be this huge influx of inspiration all at once and then none. I decide that I want this, I need this and then I have this collection of things building up. I try to wear these things once or twice and then  they get hung up in the cupboard and never venture out again. Why is it that things always appear more useful before you hand the money over?

Lately I've been quite good. I've been purchasing earrings and sunglasses and belts, which will all get plenty of use. I do however, have a collection of brooches, quirky vests (waistcoats), chiffon over-blouses and one pair of floral canvas shoes that are often left untouched. In the shop or online they looked so promising and yet, in real life they seem to be forgotten about or deemed too dressy. They are beautiful items, but what good are they to me if I forget about them, neglect them. I feel like I'm failing if I give up on these items and I feel like I'm too attached to them to get rid of them; some of these items were gifts.

After I though about this all (probably for way longer than I should have), I had this revelation (well kind of). It's nothing new to think it, but why couldn't I be more savvy or be more inspired. I wanted to be glamorous like the ladies in the above picture. How does someone start this transformation? More knowledge of course. The reason I wasn't wearing those items wasn't because I was a hopeless fashion victim, but because I didn't know how and honestly hadn't put that much effort into trying.

I didn't just need to know how to conventionally wear a nice brooch, but I needed to experiment with it. A brooch could be worn on the shoulder of a plain coloured top, to hold a scarf in place, to decorate a pearl necklace to decorate a headband or hat, to hold a gaping neckline in-place... When you take time to think about it there are plenty of ways to wear a brooch. There are ways to wear an over-blouse, a pair of floral shoes and a waistcoat (not all at once though) without feeling like a try-hard. You just need to think about it. Google "How to wear..." if you are really stuck for ideas. 

So when I see a fashion magazine lying on the lounge and start to think about all of the complex elements and rules involved in dressing well I will accept that challenge. I will strive to to dress well  and try my hardest to make some of the clothes in my wardrobe work for me. Hopefully the risks I take and the lessons I learn will help me to help others dress well and make the world a more stylish place!

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