Saturday, April 13, 2013

Haul: Art and Style

Hi guys,
I decided to post up another outfit due to a request that I had. I'm sorry if I am disappointing you by wearing the same style skirt (but in a different colour) as the last post. I didn't really do anything too fancy today. I just watched Rage, went charity shopping, took photos and went to the supermarket. In this post I pretty much wanted to show you guys what I bought/received this week and some more art (also a request).

The picture above is of the neckline of my top and the cute necklace I bought at the markets (weekend before last). It's a glass pendant and the flowers look like they're actually trapped in the glass. They had a few different colours and styles of these available and I had a lot of trouble deciding which one to get! I did think the flower style one would go well with the scallop necklines I like to wear.  

^Here is a picture of me in my outfit. The top is from ebay, the skirt is from target (again with the dodgy stitching on the belt loops), the necklace from the markets, the shoes from some department store...

^I got two review books in the mail this week. They are:
-'The Modern Girl's Guide To Hatmaking' by Mary Jane Baxter
-'Vintage Home' by Sarah Moore

These books were given to me by Simon & Schuster and both look very promising. I have already had a bit of a flip through and am very interested in trying out some of these ideas.

^This is a book I saw at the local cheapy shop. It has a few different famous  fairy artworks in it and some little excerpts of poetry and plays. I saw it a while ago, but decided it was more of a little kids thing and I didn't want to get it and some other poor little girl to miss out, but then I saw it again the other day and  couldn't help myself. There were still a heap of copies and it was only $2...

^I also got this at the discount store. I thought this plastic picnic basket would be perfect for carting my DIY projects around in. I also bought a blue and a pale pink one.

^I got these items at the Salvation Army store this morning. I thought the little shell platter would make a cute dish for earrings and that the tea-cup would make an unconventional, but cute  toothbrush holder.

^These velvet shoes were purchased at the Salvation Army store last week. I'm not normally into high heels (I can't really walk in them), but these were really cute and they fit perfectly! 

^This here is a short jumpsuit that I adore. It's really ruffly and blousey so it's a little hard to tell it's a jumpsuit. I think I might have to wear some thick opaque tights with it because of how short it is though.

^This is a second hand bag that I bought at the markets the week before last. The lady who owned the stall was trying to convince me that it was a 1930's relic, but I'm not convinced. It is old because it has a little bit of rust on it, but I think it's probably more likely to be a 60's or 70's reproduction than a genuine 1930's purse. Either way I am happy with it. 
^Here are two necklaces my mum got for me. The fairy-mermaid was an online purchase and the bird was from a local jewellery salesperson.

I also bought some wool for a rug that I am making but, it is really thin and I can't quite get the size of the stitches to match the rest of the squares I've already created. And, I ordered a new charm bracelet...

^Here are some artworks I have done. The one on the top right corner is done with copic/letraset markers and the rest are gouache paintings.

I also saw 'Pitch Perfect' which is pretty awesome!

How was your week?

Your Favourite Blogger,


Little Miss Becky said...

I love everything!! Especially the books, the jumpsuit, the shoes(so cute!!) and the picnic basket. You found some great stuff!

Yea, Pitch Perfect was awesome..well, except all the barfing. I can't watch that part. LOL Music is amazing though.

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Yes! I too have an issue with barfing in movies, it was nearly on par with 'Witches of Eastwick'.

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

as far as barfing goes. lol

heidi said...

Those velvet shoes are quite the thrifting score! They are awesome. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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