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App Analysis

In my two most recent posts I have talked about my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the cool apps that you can get for it. I'm writing another post to delve further into the app analysis (and also because my Samsung Galaxy Tab has been distracting me from my reading and I've got zilch in the way of book reviews). I've noticed a few blogs writing articles about some of the top apps when I was searching for some decent apps and I hope that I can help some other people and save them some time.

I mainly wanted to talk about photo apps in this post, but I do mention a few others. I never really was into photography mainly because it seemed too hard. I did not think I could take a good picture and even if I could I was never happy with the result I got from my camera. Often too yellow or too blue or blurry or overexposed from the flash. Despite this, I always had a longing to try out a vintage camera like a Polaroid or a Diana, but that could turn out to be far more expensive than it was worth because you'd actually have to get the film for it and get it developed and you couldn't crop or delete images like you could digitally.

I really wanted to learn to take some nicer pictures for my blog (as you can see I often try to take pictures for my musings/update posts) and went searching for some photo editing apps. I ended up looking at these photo/camera apps instead and was simply amazed at how you could turn something not-so-shiny and new into something almost authentic looking and all of the effects that could be created. These apps allow you to upload pictures you have taken previously or take new ones and filter them. The only bad thing I have noted so far, that all apps of this nature seem to have, or lack, is that you cannot crop in this app. For that I use the standard photo editor that came on my tablet.

I decided to write this post with pictures for evidence. I used the picture below for all of the apps so that they compared. this is a picture I found on WE HEART IT and to me it also looks as if some filters have been applied, so I have included an un-touched image as a kind of control element...


This App was free in the Google Play Store.

The Roidizer app is cool for Polaroid fans. It gives the person editing the photo a choice of a few different Polaroid filter effects by film name. I don't know how legitimate the names are but if they are real then that's cool. The app also allows you to rotate the image and to write on the frame. I dislike that the frames are all pretty much the same because when you use them on a blog or a white background you cannot see the frame that well. Also, I wish that there were a few more options with the text. I would like to be able to write in different colours, sizes and styles. 

^Taken with Roidizer


This app was free in the Play Store
This camera has a fair few different types of editing options. You can make a fish eye photo, a pop-art photo, an instant photo, a toy- camera photo.... And, there are filters from within; things like 'Plastic' and 'Dreamy'. I like that this app allows you to preview the effect in selection mode. I also dislike the variations of frames available and find that it can be difficult to upload certain photos.

^An example of the previews in selection mode.

^Here is the effect I chose.


This app is available as free demo or as a paid app for the full version. I didn't know what the differences were so I just got the paid version from here.

I really like this app. It would have to be my favourite photo app. The only issue that people seem to have with it is that you have to go in and out of screens to change filters. You can apply multiple filters if you select 'Customize filters' and you can select different types of frames and different colours for frames. Pics are kept in a separate gallery which can be annoying. You can try out Vignette, Portrait, Black/White, Cinematic, Toy Camera, Lens Filters and Vintage. You can then add film grain, coloured filters, light leaks, extra light leaks and a focus halo if you wish. 

^ here is an example of the filter selection screen.

^Here is an example of a Magenta colour filter with film grain and extra light leaks. I chose a narrow grunge filter in white.

^I chose the Toy camera with light leaks and film grain. With a cream narrow border.

Generally, I think that a white or cream border looks best for most pictures, but I'd like to see some coffee stained or even floral print frames for a bit of fun. Maybe even a vintage wall-hanging frame in antique silver/gold. Photo app creators are you listening?

I also wanted to warn you guys about some photo apps that looked really promising but fail. They won't necessarily get you a virus or anything nasty like that, but they are just hopeless. These apps are 'Pudding Camera' and 'Crayon Camera'. The apps didn't allow me to save or to import old pics from my gallery for editing. 



A paid app from here.

The main thing that bothers me about this app is the name. In Australia we generally don't use the word closet. So I have aptly renamed the app as 'Wardrobe' using the icon changer tool. The idea of this app is really cool. It reminds me of Cher's computer program in 'Clueless'. The main problem with it is that it takes a while to photograph all of your clothes and accessories and to enter them into your app, but I think the effort will pay off as you can save outfit ideas and search through clothes a little easier. The app also has a weather report function and a size chart converter. Some pictures can be downloaded from the Internet (like that modcloth scarf for example).

^Here is an example of an outfit I created. The pictures can be organised in a similar matter to polyvore.


I bought this app here

I thought that this was a cool idea for an app and I guess it still is. I have created 5 fonts already and installed 3 onto my computer using a USB. What bothers me is that you can't actually use the font on a tablet (or at least if you get another app to download it and i just couldn't be bothered to try and figure out which app would let me do that. It might be cute for printing out bday cards if I decide to do that.


I got this free from here.

This app allowed me to change the shortcuts into pretty pictures and to alternate any long or annoying app names. I never downloaded any paid packs, so I'll warn you not to spend your money on those unless you are sure. Instead I just downloaded some cute pics from WE HEART IT and used those. The app can crop selected photos from the gallery, but can't do much else. Also, be sure that you've got it exactly right before you save, because if you want to fix it you will have to make it from scratch.

I hope you enjoyed my app post and that it helps anyone looking for some cool android apps. Do you know of any cool apps that you'd like to share with me? Have you tried any of the apps mentioned?

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