Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book Haul: Again, Already

This week I also got a few books. Once that I ordered in the mail. Again, I am being encouraged to avoid purchasing/requesting books by my parents, which is totally understandable. This week I have received two review books, and a bunch of online purchases. I also did some itunes shopping and am constantly debating the idea of downloading things electronically, so I might ramble about that a bit.



'Indigo Spell' by Richelle Mead (Bloodlines #3)
-I hugged this book when it arrived. I cannot wait to see what happens but I already decided to read 'What's Left of Me' so I guess it will just have to wait.


'Nantucket Blue' by Leila Howland


'Serpent's Kiss' by Melissa de la Cruz
(Book 2 in 'The Beauchamp Family'

'Wolf Pact' by Melissa de la Cruz

'Keys to the Repository' by Melissa de la Cruz

'Bloody Valentine' by Melissa de la Cruz

'Lost in Time' by Melissa de la Cruz
('Blue Bloods' book 6)

'Gates of Paradise' by Melissa de la Cruz
(Book 7)
-I love her lip colour

'Remake it: Clothes'
-I bought this one a while ago, but can't remember if I included it in a haul or not.

'Recycled Chic' by Amanda McKitterick

I've always preferred to have physical copies of stuff. I guess it's the hoarder in me, but I really like to have a collection of stuff that I can see and feel. However, recently the idea of having a digital library is growing on me. Shelf space only expands so far, so digital copies save space that way. Still, I liked being able to turn pages and open CD cases and say "We have these movies here...." when asking little cousins or friends or parents what they would like to watch. Buying kindle books or Itunes became an "only if" occurrence, where I couldn't find that particular one in actual paperback, or if I didn't like any of the other songs on that album, Or, if it was way cheaper and the Scrooge in me won over. 

Yesterday when I was using up some Itunes credit and uploading some physical CDs onto my computer I noticed two things:
1. how it has become more difficult to take CDs out of their cases. I'm becoming more and more worried about snapping or cracking a CD before I even get a chance to play it.
2. how annoying it is that you buy a CD and it is lacking a song that you think it should have. On Itunes the new Lana Del Rey album has a song called 'Burning Desire' on it. I bought the physical version and it doesn't have that song. I bought a "greatest hits" type album of Elvis and it doesn't have "Love Me". Are you kidding me!So, I ended up purchasing those songs digitally.

And now, I am becoming more and more intrigued by the idea of digitally owning something. It's not always cheaper- sometimes CDs are actually more expensive on Itunes- and the files are not always compatible with other players or programs.

What did you get in the mail this week?
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