Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 In Review

Last year I read 56 books. It's not as great as 2011 and I didn't even get close to my reading goal, but I got past the 50 mark and with all the stuff that has been happening/not happening I think I did pretty well. I was doing pretty well with my reading until I started getting really bad headaches and needed glasses, which meant that I had to wait to get an appointment and then wait to get the glasses delivered... I also lost my job this year and it took a couple of months to get a new one, And, I started painting again (alot). I also got stuck into the 'Charmed' TV series which I still haven't finished, but I got through 7 seasons pretty quickly and spent more time watching that then doing any sort of reading. When you think about it, It's a miracle that I read any more than those first eleven books...
In my Goals post I mentioned a fair few things that I wanted to get finished in 2012. I didn't achieve much of it, but here's what I did achieve:
-I read the minimum amount of 50 books (I had a minimum goal, the big goal that I really wanted to achieve was 84)
-I reached my goal to read at least 25 review books. I actually read 30
-I finished reading the 'Vampire Academy' series
-I finished reading the 'Wicked Lovely' series
And as far as non-reading goals went:
-I changed jobs
So, what were the best reads of 2012? I don't think I can choose the same categories as I did in last years post, because I didn't read as many books. I did read some wonderful books though, so It will still be difficult to choose. Also please note that these are books that I have read in 2012, they may have been released prior to that. Here's what I decided:
Goes to 'The Peach Keeper' by Sarah Addison Allen.
It's no secret that I love pretty much anything by this author, but I thought that 'The Peach Keeper' had especially pretty writing. While I do love all of her books equally I thought that she went all out with the magical prose for this one!
While I still was super happy with everything I read by Richelle Mead this year I thought it was unfair to say that she was my favourite again this year; give someone else a chance! I think Melissa Marr was my favourite this year. I finished the rest of the 'Wicked Lovely' books by her, read her anthology 'Faery Tales and Nightmares' (released this year), And 'Carnival of Souls' (also released this year). What a busy lady she must be releasing all this stuff. Have I mentioned to you just how much I would like to see a sequel to 'Graveminder' ?
Was hands down, Kate Morton! I only read one book- 'The Secret Keeper' - by her, but, What a book?! It was a whole hunk of mystery and historical descriptiveness, and, well, If you haven't read anything by her go and do it right now, or at least very soon...
I only read one classic this year. I'm actually still unsure if it would be classed as a classic... It was 'I Capture The Castle' by Dodie Smith. It may have been the only classic that I read, but it was a very good one. A favourite actually.
Would have to be 'Deadly Hemlock' by Kathleen Peacock. I don't think this book got anywhere near the praise that it should have. It was the first time that I read about werewolves and actually felt that I could give a damn.
'Dash and Lily's book of Dares' by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn is very cute. It's the coolest way two characters could meet. It's set during Christmas.
This is a new category, which I thought the blog really needed. It seems that I really like my female characters to have some sort of strength about them, whether it be because they have courage, or because they have the ability to beat some guy senseless. This year, I think the strongest female character was Caelina from 'Throne of Glass' by Sarah J. Maas
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