Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quirky Vintage Book mark Variations

I got a little sick of looking at my blog's free book mark download. Sure you can print it out on coloured or patterned paper. Sure you can get crafty with some crayons or collage. However, if you don't have the right materials or can't be bothered to do anything crafty, the bookmark tends to look a little dull. Black and White may be classic, but it can also be dull. After much thinking I came up with an idea to jazz the bookmark up using polyvore.
I then had so many different ideas of what I could do to jazz it up. In what artistic direction/s did I want to take this new project of mine? The answer was simple: too many. So, instead of settling on one idea I decided to continue to modify the one image in different ways, give them different names and publish them on both polyvore and tumblr. The bookmark pictured above is titled 'Splatter Girl' like the nickname people use for the character Lanie in the movie 'She's all that'. The bookmark pictured below is titled 'In The Clouds'.
So far these are the only two modified versions I have made. They can both be found in This Collection. If you're interested in helping me extend my digital collection of modified bookmarks please message a link to me through my polyvore account. The original bookmark item can be found here.
I look forward to sharing more of these bookmarks with you in the future.
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Wall-to-wall books said...

I LOVE the pink water marks! I'm gonna print me out a couple!

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

yay :)