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My First Beauty Review: Glamourflage Sultry Sophie Lip/Cheek Stain

So exciting! This is my first beauty product review. To tell you the truth that was something I never thought I'd be writing. It's not that I have anything against beauty products -I don't, I love em- It's just that I didn't actually think about it. I've decided not to do a rating system for these products, because I haven't really rated one before. I don't think that I can rate a beauty product like I can a book or movie. It's not that it's unfamiliar territory exactly, but I just don't think I've experienced the range of products I have with literature. 
Size: 8.5ml
RRP: $19.95
Sweep your rivals off their feet as you emerge rouged and ready to go! Dazzle suitors and blind beaus as you sashay through the day - your lips and cheeks hinting at the excitement to come!
Sophie has a BA in bantering, a Masters in mincing and a Phd in philandering. When anyone complains, she gives a secret smile and says ‘Life’s hard – get a helmet’! For tomorrow, as Scarlett O’Hara so succinctly put it, is indeed another day!
This product was surprisingly unlike a beauty product and more like a book; the lip/cheek stain was nothing like I expected. Which is strange for a beauty product. Normally I see a product and think that I know exactly what it's going to look like. The only surprise with most beauty products is the quality. With this product I imagined that I would use it as a lip stain only, and that it would be a bright red colour. I discovered after use that it is entirely different from my expectations, but not at all worse.
The Sultry Sophie stain comes in the packaging show above. It's absolutely adorable. When I unscrew the lid and lift a brush applicator coated in a pinky-red liquid appears. I lift it to my lips and start to apply...
The first thing I noticed (thought) was that the brush applicator could be difficult to use. I've never seen a brush applicator attached to the lid of any product that wasn't a nail polish before. I'm used to sponge applicators. Also, the strands of the brush were quite long. And, when applicating I did have a bit of an issue trying to get the stain to coat my lips evenly (I read later on the websites that they recommend using your fingers to apply the stain). I also decided to apply some sparingly to my cheek-bones with my fingers even though I thought cheek-stain was an odd idea. How wrong was I?!
I discovered later that  Q-tips, foundation sponges or a lip brushes are probably a not-as-messy method of application compared to using your fingers, because my fingers had a very vibrant pink stain happening that took quite a few goes with soap and water to remove . The stain soaked into my face well, but my lips wouldn't absorb it unless I held them still (lips slightly parted) because it smudges and comes off easily when wet. I recommend applying to lips before doing the rest of your make-up to give the stain time to soak in.
The stain goes on a bright pink colour, but becomes a lighter pink (slightly more natural looking) glow. Which is very far away from the red colour I originally imagined. I quite like this colour for a blusher, but am not overly interested in using it as a lip colour. There's nothing wrong with it really, but I'm just not the sort of person that has the control to let the stain soak in without pressing my lips together or licking them before it has a chance. That, and I prefer the darker, thicker appearance of a matte lipstick. I think lip-stain is probably a longer lasting version of lip-gloss, great for those who prefer gloss over lipstick.
^Please excuse the pimples :/
Overall I really like this product as a blusher. It's a really nice shade that blends easily and lasts a long time. I've used a fair few different blush creams and powders before and none of them have lasted as well as this one (unless you pile it on like a clown to begin with and avoid direct sunlight). I think this product is great for rainy days (or overly hot sweaty days) where make-up normally wouldn't be an option. It's also a great product for people who want their make-up to stay on for longer.
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