Saturday, October 13, 2012

Four Ways to Wear Tangerine

4 ways. for a blog post
I don't know if you've noticed, but tangerine has been hanging around for a little while now. While I adore it, it's a little brighter than it's peachy friends. It's a vibrant shade that can be darling, but also, can be a nuisance to those who don't want to stick out too much. I've also noticed that many of the outfits constructed with this colour in fashion magazines tend to be modern takes on tribal prints or involve other bright colours. For those who want to keep it slightly more simple (and more wearable) I've got a few outfit ideas for you!
OUTFIT #1: Checks
Checks, Checkers, Grid, Picnic... Whatever you want to call it, print. It's a bit of a retro print and it hasn't seen much sunlight lately (unless you're a bit of a retro dresser like me) until now. By paring this print with tangerine it is instantly brightened and modernised. Depending on your accessories (how you dress the look up or down) this look can be a casual weekend look or can be worn for something more serious like office work.
I would suggest black/white checks, creme coloured checks or brown.
 OUTFIT #2: Peachy tones
Tangerine is pretty much, a darker, brighter version of peach. I like to think of these colours as cousins or sisters on the colour wheel. Why not reunite the family and make a cute outfit? I think these colours (or rather tones) look sweet together with monochromatic additions (like the black shoes and the peach/white/black bag in the picture).
I suggest patterned (for example I'd wear my peach blouse with the black birds printed on it) or lace peach clothes to wear with your tangerine.
 OUTFIT #3: Nautical
Typically nautical means red, navy blue, white and a smidgen of something a bit bronze. A new variation of this involves swapping red with tangerine and adding a smidgen of lighter blue into the mix. Navy and Tangerine tend to clash a little louder than it would with red, So, the trick is to break up the navy with white like I've done with the stripey shirt above.
 OUTFIT #4: Mustard
Not sure that tangerine and mustard would taste very nice, but I think it looks nice. Especially if you add in  some retro accessories  or a cute tote bag. Moccasins or brogues for shoes... Other shades of yellow are also cute with Tangerine.
Other colours you could wear: Grey, Creme, pale pink, khaki,
Other textures you could wear: Lace (a white lace top or black lace stockings maybe), denim
What about makeup?
When wearing bright colours like tangerine or red the first thing people wanna do is match it to their lipstick. It can be difficult to get the right shade though. So instead maybe go for a wine or dark red lipstick. An orange or brown even?
Hope you enjoyed my style post.
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