Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bookmark update

^This one is called 'Off With The Butterflies.
This week I have made four more bookmark variations on polyvore. Those who follow me on Facebook will have most likely seen them anyway, but I thought I'd post these up here for anyone else, And, for those whose news feeds may have missed (facebook is weird sometimes). I'm slowly learning some more tricks and which things to search for on polyvore when I'm making these. It can also get a bit intense with all the different effects. I actually had to remove effects from the last one because it was over the item limit. Can you believe that I used 50 items to create it? Crazy stuff.
Remember, these are designed to be printed out, cut around and folded in half. To see the full-size version of the bookmark click on the title of the bookmark. You can download it via copy and paste (and re-size it as desired) or via the album on facebook (hover cursor over image click 'options' and then 'download'). To see more bookmark variations click on the 'An Idea Involving Bookmarks' tag below this post. I'm posting these on the blog weekly (when I've made any new ones), but you can probably jump over to the facebook page to see if there are any (as they tend to go on facebook as soon as they are made). The bookmarks are free and laminating is optional.

^This one is titled 'In Bloom' (like the Nirvana Song) and I really like it.

^ This one is 'Little Stars'. It's gotten the most likes on facebook so far.

This one is called 'Vintage Lace'. Its my first attempt at coloured hair and lips.
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Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh my gosh, I love them! I can't get them to print the right size. I'll have to play around with them a little.

Ladyfairy closet said...

Wow, I love them, dear!
With love, Ladyfairy

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

@wall-to-wall books They are probably a little wider and shorter than most bookmarks.

@Ladyfairy closet thanks for the praise :)