Thursday, September 27, 2012

5 things: The clothes I dream of

I decided to do another 5 things post, because I'm still on a bit of a style bender. After reading 'A Life in Frocks' by Kelly Doust and reading all about the author's dream clothes I felt that I had to document mine. Who knows? Maybe someone in the wide world web can share a cool website with me or has some advice? These dream clothes are so great (impossibly so - it seems) that I feel they are worth documenting anyhow.
I dream of one (one style, quantity three or four or five) black, knee length skirt, with pockets, that sits on the hips, gathers at the waist-band and flows outwards; giving me plenty of room for movement. I do like high-waist, but think the line is ruined when they are teamed with uniform shirts (that tend to be longer shirts that aren't designed to be tucked in). It seems that many of the skirts on the current market are either too long (which can be a bit dangerous) or too short (which isn't appropriate for a gal who may be using a ladder). The "work skirts" that are available for sale in my town are huggy shorter things meant for the office, and even online I have difficulty finding anything close to what I want, unless it's over $30 dollars (and I'm not prepared to pay any more than $10 for something that I can't return).
I love petticoats. They are great for skirts that are just a bit see-through. My problem is though, that the cheaper petticoats tend to be the knee length ones and that if I were to want a shorter one I would need to pay more money for it - which is ridiculous. I haven't checked out the op-shops in a while, but there is nothing on ebay at the moment for a reasonable price.
Stockings add class and I love the feel of them on my feet. The problem here is that they snag, a lot. Ladders on the other hand, don't look so classy... Having finger nails, A pet dog with claws and working in a department store (where one of your jobs involves the possibility of Velcro coming into contact with your legs). I have managed to buy a few pairs that tend to get snag marks rather than ladders, but still, am I game enough to continue wearing them?
I dream of a cosy jumper in neutral shade of grey or cream (or even camel) made of soft knitted yarn that I can chuck on (or button up) when it's cold (whether I'm dressing up or down). The fabric must be incredibly soft and fit loosely without being too baggy under the arms. Also, I don't want it to get  that smell about it like some worn clothes do.
I dream of shirts in a rainbow of unusual shades. Made of a soft, thin fabric, but not see through. These shirts will be the sleeved kind, a scoop-neck, boat-neck or v-neck top with a ruffled or puff sleeve. I want the shirts to be a comfortable loose fit (and not too long) which is perfect for tucking in, And I want them in plain, block colours (maybe a few with sailor stripes across the chest). Also, I don't want them to get that smell about them, like some worn clothes do.
Obviously, those aren't the only clothes I dream of. I spend a lot of time on Polyvore, tumblr and the fashion section of ebay... I work in a department store (that mainly sells clothing), I read Instyle (and vogue) and I have more clothes that I probably need, but it always seems like I need more... I also dream of shoes that fit, a comfortable bra, a pleated chiffon skirt, brogues, boots and messenger bags...
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