Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book Haul + I show off my swag

I decided to do my book hauls for fortnights rather than weeks from now on, because I thought that it would be more fun for you guys to see a bigger haul. If I go shopping at some stage and end up purchasing a massive amount I may decide to do an extra post than normal.

Over the last two weeks I have received three books for review and a small package of bookmarks that I won in a contest. I also made some bookmarks and received some from my sister. I decided that it would be cool to show off all my bookmarks especially seeing as I have gotten so many recently.

'Throne Of Glass' by Sarah J. Maas
-I wasn't going to read this, but I've heard so many good things about it and by the sounds of things the author was just a teen when she wrote it which is so awesome. I was offered a copy from Bloomsbury in an email and I just had to say yes. I think I'll be reading this one next.

Wentworth Hall
'Wentworth Hall' by Abby Grahame
-I think I had read somewhere that this book was like the TV show 'Downton Abbey'. This did not excite me. For some reason that TV show while slightly entertaining seemed really slow and boring. I'm not afraid of historical stuff - some of my favourite books and movies are historical - but I just couldn't relate to or get interested in 'Downton Abbey'. So nope, I didn't request this. This was a surprise book. I think I'll definitely give it a shot. Who knows? Maybe this sort of story will work better in book form?

Graceful (for Young Women): Letting Go of Your Try-Hard Life
'Graceful: Letting go of your Try-Hard Life' by Emily P. Freeman
-I requested this one because it sounded pretty interesting. As far as I could tell it was a Non-fiction book about how to feel more content with yourself. I had a bit of a peak at it last night and from what I can tell it's also quite religious. I guess I'm technically a christian, but I'm not very religious, so I'm not sure that I'll get through this one.

How is it exactly that this term came about? Bookmarks and other merch could have been called 'Merch', 'Stuff' or some whole other word, yet it ended up being called 'Swag'? I feel like a rapper right now. The word seems foreign to me even just typing it, yet I will use the word because it is the one that everyone uses...

^Here is the package I got in the mail from What's Your Story?
-I got a cool business card with the blog details, some promotional book marks and an interesting white thing which could be a tattoo or a sticker (not quite sure yet and have not idea which book it's supposed to be for).  It was pretty awesome to get a little hand written note with all this cute stuff in the mail. So thank you :)

^ My sister got some freebies for me

^ The bookmarks that I made. I printed them off the computer and laminated them. Two of these bookmarks are fan made and were created using polyvore and the snipper tool. The third one is the Free Bookmark that I made to promote the blog.

^ This is what the other side looks like. You can use any colours to print the bookmark on, but I chose white. I think it would look really nice on a floral patterned paper.

^ The bookmarks my aunty got me when she travelled overseas.

^ Some Promotional post cards that I got with albums I bought. I use them as bookmarks.

^These are my metal bookmarks. The one on the left has a quote on it that says 'Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. I got the one with the "N" on it from a co-worker at my previous job, my sister gave me the bird one, my mum gave me the owl one and my grandmother gave me the photo one.

^ Here are some of my other ones. I got the 'House of Night' one with a fishpond order, the next one is one that I bought from a bookstore, then there's the 'Night Circus' one I got from a publisher and a Brian Froud one I got with one of his illustration books when I purchased it.

^This is the mask I got with my 'Carnival of Souls' ARC.

What did you get this week?
Your Favourite Blogger,

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