Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Style Crush: Courtney Love

She's changed her religion several times, she's been on drugs, she's been off drugs, she's said questionable things and she's even been accused (by crazed Nirvana fans) of killing her husband. Courtney Love is no role model, yet I find myself becoming more and more intrigued and interested by her music and her style. Where's the harm in taking a little inspiration from her style-wise?

I discovered Courtney Love and her band Hole's music through an episode of RAGE. Someone had requested 'Malibu' to be played that morning and I absolutely adored the cruisy tune. I later went on to Itunes to purchase the song. About a year or so later, still loving the song, I investigated further and found myself purchasing more songs, planning to eventually buy an album and reading a wikipedia page or two. Then my obsession with the film clips began. And, then the fashion.

Throughout the years, Courtney Love has been spotted in several dreamy feminine (and somewhat provocative) outfits. The small changes she has made in costuming are defined somewhat by which Hole album was charting at the time. In this post I wanted to focus more on the 'Live Through This' Era.

I saw an interview on youtube that was recorded back when the album was first released. Barbara Walters (the interviewer) says that Courtney Love is like a damaged prom queen (or something along those lines). She does seem a bit that way, with the music especially. I also thought that she seemed a little doll-like with the blonde fluffy hair, the red lips, the powdered skin, the pale tights.... Like a big girl in little girls' clothes.

The images I'm talking about are evident in the 'Doll Parts', 'Violet' and 'Miss World' film clips, as well as several photos from tours and for press. I made a Polyvore collection: here

-Black or light pink tights
-bow hair clips or jewelled hair pieces
-shirt dresses
-Light colours
-Dark red lipstick
-ballet flats
-hairspray (to mess up hair with)

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