Sunday, June 10, 2012

Book Haul, Update and a few knitting tips.


What a Week?! I decided to do another "Update" and tell you all about some very interesting things that have taken place this week. If you are not interested simply scroll down for the book haul. I thought I would share this stuff on here because I know I do have a few blogging friends that will want to read this.

I thought I was having a pretty average week this week. I went to work, went home, read. That's kind of the routine. On Friday afternoon the boss sits down across from me, while I'm shutting down the computer and tells me that he thinks we should "have a chat". My first thought was that he had heard me saying nasty things about one of the other staff members (who gets away with doing what she wants -AKA being rude to everyone- because she is his girlfriend) and wanted to tell me to play nice. The second thought was that he wanted me to talk about TAFE because he was trying to convince me to go at one point. None of the above. Apparently, he decided after 14months that I was not qualified enough for the position and that he'd have to let me go.

He actually seemed a bit sad about letting me go. I wasn't too sad about it. I had actually been looking for work elsewhere for a while. It just means that I'm going to be unemployed while I search for a job. And, I'm going to have to learn to not be so picky about where I work. In the mean time. I guess that's just more time for me to do some reading and focus on achieving a few of those goals I talked about in my 'Inspiration and Motivation' posts.

Also, I made a youtube video. Where you can see my face. I decided that it probably wasn't going to become popular enough for any people in real life to come across it. And, If I was going to be a blogger, that I shouldn't do things halfway. Here's my Youtube Video It's a book Recommendation. Well, actually more of an author recommendation.

One more thing. I decided to do some more knitting and crochet because of the colder weather. I know I still haven't done many of the DIY or OPSHOP hauls I promised ages ago. So I thought it might be time soon to get back into the crafty, fashionable side of my blog.Here is the Scarf Pattern I'm using. I actually posted it up in my early blogging days.

^That's what It looks Like so far.

One thing I definitely learned about having short hair. Is that your neck gets cold. I also purchased heaps of wool (As if I didn't have enough already). I think I much prefer crochet, because it's quicker and you're less likely to miss a stitch.

A few handy things that I learned:
-This sort of pattern looks neater with lighter colours.
-After each row pull on scarf to tighten the stitches.
-Iron when finished (looks neater. I haven't done that yet in this picture)
-It helps to have a contrast between the needles and the wool. Look at my lovely bright coloured knitting needles!

And, finally time for a book haul. I only got one book in the mail this week. From Simon and Schuster:

'Amped' by Daniel H. Wilson
-This is an adult read. It's about 'amplified' humans. It sounded really cool. Different from most adult stuff I would pick up, but I thought I would give it a go. The cover is a bit creepy.

So.. What did you get this week? I'm so jealous of all those people with copies of 'The Golden Lily' by Richelle Mead and 'Destined' by Aprilynne Pike.

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Amy J said...

I have seen Amped around. It looks pretty cool. I have always wanted to learn how to knit but never have tried it. I know how to do basic crochet, but not knitting.

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

That stinks about your job, but if you weren't all that sad to see it go anyways, maybe it's for the best! Best of luck in whatever job you pursue next! :)

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Thanks Natalie :)I hope so too.