Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick Review: Zombicorns by John Green

'Zombicorns' is a Novella that I downloaded for free from . It was originally written for charity.

I was so thrilled when I saw this. Finally a chance to read something by the elusive John Green! In the synopsis there is a mention (by the author himself) that the book isn't great, due to it being written awfully quickly, but I was still so keen to read it. Keen to read it because of the cover.

I kind of assumed that the book would feature zombified unicorns. Undead things with horns. The product of 'Zombies vs Unicorns' I had thought... Well, maybe it was. Could have been I guess...

Anyhow... The book was supposed to contain creatures like such ^ on the cover. It didn't it. This book is about corn farming zombies. They became zombies from eating genetically screwed up corn. Still funny, but not as much. The cover was either made this way on purpose- So that people like me could be disappointed - Or, the cover artist didn't read the book.

So yes. Still funny, but not as funny as you think it will be. A bit silly (To be expected). And, the writing quality wasn't too bad.

I think I'd still want to read something by John Green in the future, but maybe something of a more serious variety.

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