Friday, July 15, 2011

Things that changed my life...

I saw this post on youtube and decided to do a blog one.

1) 10 Things I hate About You
-I wanted to be Kat Stratford after I saw this
-I wanted to read Sylvia Plath
-I wanted to have values
-I started to believe that guys who you argue with a lot may be possible suitors, deranged I know.
-I bought some of the songs off the soundtrack on itunes

2)The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
Everybody says that Harry Potter got them into reading. Yeah I did read those like way before the sisterhood series,but these books by Ann Brashares are definitely what encouraged me to read more.

3)Sylvia Plath
-Sometimes it's just great to know that there are awesome dead people out there that felt the same way you did at times. no I'm not suicidal, but there is definitely some stuff that you feel and nobody cares and you can just read "The Bell Jar" and it's all gone. No it didn't really influence my life in anyway, but it did help me to feel a lot better about myself.

4) Jane Eyre
-Taught me that you don't have to be beautiful in a conventional way. I love Charlotte Bronte for that

5)My name is memory by Ann Brashares
-Because it made me change the way I viewed and spoke about others. The book is about reincarnation. If you were recycled and you knew it you would wish that you weren't racist, because you would then end up as an ethnic in your next life and be treated badly etc. kinda like karma.

6) A visit from J.C Burke at High School in grade Eleven
-Definitely made writing sound more fun and easier to accomplish

7) The Marie Antoinette Soundtrack
-Took me places musically that I had never been before

8) My visual art teacher in grade 11 & 12
I know I hated him at times, but he had some great and inspiring things to say in terms of art.

9) The duck, because accounting class was so much more fun with the duck and I learned a lot from that class because of that.

10)"She's all that" movie quote about being a pool guy
-taught me that it doesn't matter what line of work you are in. At the end of the day, you still get paid.

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