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Style Crush: Sylvia Plath Again

I was possibly already a big fan of Sylvia Plath before I got around to reading "The Bell Jar". Just the fact that she had written a semi-autobiographical novel about her own failed attempt at suicide was enough to draw me in. It wasn't until I saw the film "Sylvia" starring Gwyneth Paltrow- about Plath's life- that I took any interest what so ever in the writer's fashion sense.

The thing about Sylvia Plath is that there isn't really much image wise, of her out there. There are a few book covers (mainly of biographies), some snaps of her with Ted and a few lonesome shots that will or probably have already been used on more biography covers. So with Plath you can't learn about her favourite items of clothing, because truth has it that there aren't enough photographs of her to see one item worn enough times to even be considered a favourite. All we have of her style-wise is what she wore then and there, And what other people created whilst inspired by her. The various covers of the one and only "The Bell Jar" and the outfits worn in the film "Sylvia" (which for all we know were based more on the time period rather than the person her self) are all ideas that were inspired by Plath but executed by someone else entirely.

The imagery however is there in her writing also. The descriptions of the characters outfits are there in "The bell Jar" amoungst the descriptions in poems, short stories and journal entries. The outfits that Esther and Doreen wear to the party in her novel are perhaps the most memorable outfits, alongside a black dress and "Polyanna Cowgirl" outfit worn towards the end.

There are so many covers of the books and all are beautiful in their own way. The one with the Mary-jane shoes definitely has a lot of fashion appeal and appears very iconic. There is also a coffee-stained coloured cover that illustrates the outfits mentioned in the begining of the novel. The colours all feel relevant to the novel and era and by wearing an outfit inspired by one of these I guess it does to some point show admiration for the wonderful woman who inspired them.





Stuff that reminds me of Sylvia Plath...

Marilyn Monroe clipped by ☮amelia☮ use it!
Marilyn Monroe clipped by ☮amelia☮ use it!   (clipped to
^This dress is what I imagine Doreen's to look like.

[ファッション誌] [VOGUE] [VOGUE US 2005年6月号] [Belle South] [Arthur...

[ファッション誌] [VOGUE] [VOGUE US 2005年6月号] [Belle South] [Arthur...   (clipped to
^Looks like a modernised version of a Sylvia Plath outfit.

Restart This Vintage Heart ♥

Restart This Vintage Heart ♥   (clipped to


Sweater   (see more pointelle sweaters)

Model Behavior: 2010 New York Fashion Week

Model Behavior: 2010 New York Fashion Week   (clipped to

fashion forward ►►

fashion forward ►►   (clipped to

Reality Escapes Her...

Reality Escapes Her...   (clipped to


LINNEA REGNANDER - modelmania   (clipped to


dreams are for living

dreams are for living   (clipped to
And That's all the Plath-inspired style inspiration I have for you today.
Sorry it was so Spaced out I blame that on Polyvore.
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