Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday I'm In love and Friday I'm not in love.

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Today I simply cannot decide whether or not I am happy. There are pros and cons to todays discussions. The day started out fairly well. A colleague was nice to me, I am enjoying my book, etc and then my sister bothers me about being a Nigel No-friends and I get annoyed.

Movie Soundtracks:
Yes that is right. Sometimes the perfect compilation album you are looking for comes from your favourite movie. Either that or discovering new favourite songs. Movies that have pretty awesome soundtracks:

-Romeo and Juliet (with De Caprio)
       There are some seriously cool Grungy and poppy songs on this album.

-Ten things I hate about You(The film, not the show)

-Marie Antoinette
       Some of the string music is a little scary, but the indie stuff is awesome

-500 Days of Summer
       Regina Spektor, need I say more?

Descriptive books:
I love descriptions in novels. I do admit that I hate dickens because he goes absolutely overboard (like a page to a description), but I do like descriptions more than the next person. I know there were a lot of people that disliked Kate Morton's "The Distant Hours" because god forbid, the descriptions were too long. I loved the book.

A metal book mark holder:
Because it feels great to get something when it's not even your birthday

Movies where people seem a bit institutional about regular stuff:
I'm talking "Edward Scissorhands" and "The Invention of Lying". The stuff I saw in those movies was gold. I am one of those people who likes to be different, so movies where people stand up for how different they are or at least try to are definitely great to watch.

First of all why does having friends define what sort of person you are. People find out that the only friends you have live far far away and suddenly they think you will die and are suggesting new ways for you to meet friends quicker than you can say "boo". I can understand it. If you lived in a big city and there are tonnes of people there I do, but I live in a small town where you have to go to parties or sports to socialise and if you don't go to either of those that's it. I know some nice people at work but they are allways busy working and have their own lives. Someone suggested to me today that I should meet new people. I wonder where these people might come from, because as far as I can see there are none.

The worlds obsession with celebrities and each particular item of clothing:
I love Kate Middleton's style I do, but buying the exact dress she wore for a ridiculous amount of dosh is just plain stupid. It isn't that hard to look like a celebrity without spending heaps of money. You just have to look at what they wear and decode their style. That way you can buy similar items from a less expensive store. 
E.g Kate Middleton wears ladylike old-fashioned clothes with a twist. She wears a lot of Navy, Black and Red, Simple shoes(nothing too busy) a reasonable neckline (nothing too racy) and she wears makeup, but nothing too over-the top. Every item is some form of minimalism or a minimalist version of an older item. 

I got all this from looking at what she wears. It's not that hard!

So that's all I got For you today.
Your Favourite Cynical Blogger,

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